Yet again…Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the things Nelson Mandela taught with his life. Hugs, Barbara

I Am Kay Dee

white flower

I thank God yet again for his forgiveness. I thank him that it’s free and that it’s in abundance. Where would I be without it? Condemned. A hot mess. Loco. All of the above. I realize writing this that everyone who reads it is not a believer or follower of the teachings of the Bible or of Christ. Hey, that’s okay. But, I will still state my thankfulness.

So many times in my life, I fall short. Like…so many. Every day I strive to do my best to live according to what I believe, but, sometimes it’s tough. And many times I fail. But, the thing is… God’s love is abundant. It’s bigger than I can fathom. People say, “If ‘God is love’ then why is there suffering in the world?”  Hey, I do not know the answers to all that is wrong in/with the world. But, I do know…

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3 thoughts on “Yet again…Forgiveness

  1. You have a beautiful and inspiring blog… so pleased to meet you via shaun’s Facebook page… maybe can both enjoy each others journey creating a peaceful world… everyone being free… Barbara

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