I Know we can Change the World

We all have been talking about peace and freedom a lot. This is the energy we should not lose. It is important to build on it. The ability to forgive, to seek peace, to walk with acceptance in their hearts, and to practice reconciliation, I believe, comes from a loving relationship with The Beloved within.

Life is a constant challenge and it is changing all the time. These stresses people live with every day are growing in size. I think this is a big part of why there is so much anger and hatred. There are so many people dying violently, for many different reasons, that there is an abundance of negativity in the world. Kindness is becoming extinct. Judgement and hate are growing quickly.

We, the people who care and see what is happening need to try to steer our society in a different direction.  We need to be journeying to peace and freedom. It would be wonderful if it could just be here one morning when we wake up. I so want that to happen, but it won’t. It will take effort, paying it forward, giving kindness and acceptance to the grumpiest and meanest of human beings.Why? Because the positive aspects of life are not being taught to kids and many people are just not bothering with even normal manners.

I think the change that needs to happen in our time is that people need to turn inside and connect with The One. No matter which path you walk to God/Goddess, you can’t hate or be unaccepting. We need a revolution of love. We need to know we can’t say we are spiritual beings and judge the person without a job, the person getting food stamps. We can’t say we love the Beloved, when we can’t love our brothers and sisters in the family of man. We can’t say we love God when we will say and think negatively. We can’t find the answer without having a relationship with divinity.

” You can’t find the answer in the mind. As soon as you knock at the door of the heart. The heart becomes a living receptacle, and your whole being becomes one immeasurable heart transfigured by love/ quickened by love and vibrating with the force of love. See how the answers disappear from your mind? Watch your mind scuttling itself before the immensity of the power of the heart so that you have lost all sense of it being your heart. It is no longer your heart since it has become the heart of the Divine Beloved.”

——Excerpted from Toward the One by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Chanting for happiness,peace and tolerance is one thing we can do to connect with the Divine

Chanting for happiness,peace and tolerance is one thing we can do to connect with the Divine


 We can change life by living in the present, by being forgiving, by being kind, chant, pray, and connect with the God inside.                         

                                                   Light your candle and spread the flame to everyone you know with love in your heart.