Old Age Imagined

A good read. As I am old now I am not sure you miss interpreted his life.

Poet's Corner

As I watched him shuffle,
With an old man’s walk,
And I heard him mutter,
With an old man’s talk,
I found myself thinking,
I just couldn’t bear,
To live to be older,
With thin greying hair,
And with legs that don’t work,
And with eyes that don’t see.
That wouldn’t be the right life for me.

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Internet – friend or foe?

Well said. Important post.


I was looking through my stats this morning and decided to check out the search terms that have brought people to my blog. Some of it is very interesting and due to the nature of my blog, most of those terms are harmless e.g. “Nick Vujicic quotes”, “Bethany Hamilton” and even “Don Charisma”. I have blogged about each of these people so it stands to reason. There are search terms relating to the book review that I did last year and some that are outrageously funny that I have no idea why my blog would even come up such as “You suck stinker yahoo”, “vertically challenged” and my all time favourite “If you fail a high school course”.

However this morning, there were three separate search terms that rang alarm bells with me and they were all about tween selfies. I put those terms into google and came up with…

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Silence! Genius At Work…Wait, Do You Think This Is Funny?

A good read.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Fashion It has been quiet at The House on the Hill, which made it the perfect day to get some writing done.  There have been several writing projects rattling around inside my head, but I’ve had trouble deciding which one to tackle.

Luckily, today’s email brought me the answer.  Dan Cashman, the host of The Nite Show (Maine’s own late night talk show), sent out a list of topics and requested monologue jokes for the shows that are going to be taped this week.

I gave the list a quick glance when I came inside from shoveling, and vowed to work on some jokes after I’d taken a shower and had something to eat.

Before I could make it into the bathroom for my shower, I had already written two jokes.  What can I say?  I’m a writer at heart, as evidenced by the above photo of me as a poorly…

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