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“Where’s Ani?” said my younger son, peering round the room suspiciously. Under normal circumstances he would not have made it through the door without being leaped upon in ecstasy…

“She’s not home yet…”

“Doesn’t seem right… way too quiet….”

“…and tidy!” I add, indicating the cushions still in their proper place. My son grinned in acknowledgement. The small dog has a presence… and she is missed.

lincoln bakewell gt hucklow 003

However, it was undeniably nice to sit down and natter over a coffee for a little while without the sempiternal tennis ball. It has been a busy few days… but I am finally home, now with a grinning small dog in attendance. A leisurely drive north away from the motorways took me through some beautiful countryside on Thursday, stopping occasionally on the way. The land is wet, but very green and signs of spring are everywhere from the catkins to the crocuses, the daffodils…

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Be Creative – February – Prompt 20b

Release your inner artist

Creating something every day

Remember you mundane object? Read on – but don’t be tempted to change your mind about what you have chosen!

Well, here’s the thing. I’m going to let you into a secret. Whatever you have chosen is the most important thing on the planet! Without it life ceases to exist. It really is that important. However, ONLY YOU HAVE THIS SECRET!

Now is the time to share it with the world so that life can go on. Tell us about it.

Why is it disguised in the manner we see before us?
What is its real use?
How was it invented?
Who originally discovered it?

…… let your imagination run riot and tell us all about it.

Just visiting? Take up the gauntlet and write about this on your blog, linking back here. Go on, you know you can do it.

Let’s save the world!

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People Kill More Than 11,400 Sharks EVERY HOUR (Infographic)

This is horrifying!

Higher Learning

A recent paper published by the scientific journal Marine Policy estimated that 100 million sharks are killed per year (the paper said the number could be as high as 270 million).

If you’re wondering, sharks kill about 12 people per year.

The main culprit is the black market for shark fins in China and the surrounding territories, where shark fin soup is a delicacy and shark fins are often believed to have mystical healing powers.

Photo: reefs.com Photo: reefs.com

Most “finned” sharks are thrown back into the ocean, where they are unable to properly maneuver. They either sink to the ocean floor and suffocate or are eaten by other predators.

If you break down 100 million annual deaths, it gives you about 11,417 sharks killed every hour (more than 190 sharks every minute).

This infographic from Joe Chernov and Robin Richards at Adventure Journal illustrates these staggering numbers better than any words…

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