Friday Night Think Tank: Winter Olympics Edition

Enjoy everyone.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Doc BrownWe made it to another weekend, Modern Philosophers!  It was a close one…

The Winter Olympics are back, so when you put on your Deep Thinking Toga tonight and head out to the Think Tank, perhaps you should adorn your toga with your nation’s flag to honor your Olympic athletes.

I’m extremely tired, so let’s get right down to it.  Meet me out at the Think Tank immediately!

This week’s topic: If you could compete in any Winter Olympics event, which one would it be?

Without a doubt, it would be Ice Hockey for me.

That’s the one sport that I can still get excited about every four years when the Winter Olympics rolls around again.  Even though I rarely watch NHL hockey anymore, I’ll try my best to watch all of Team USA’s games.

I loved playing hockey and was a huge Islanders fan back in the day.  I…

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The Love and Kindness Award


I have created this new award, The Award for Love and Kindness, to honor acts of Love and Kindness, and to encourage acts of Love and Kindness.  I am a believer in the idea that Love and Kindness promote Peace in the world, and I give my respect and appreciation for all who promote these important values.  It is important for us to remember that we are One Family living in One World; we are Sisters and Brothers, no matter how we look, what culture we live in, what religion we practice or who we love.  In many ways, blogging removes some of the obvious barriers between us, and helps bring those of us from all walks of life, ethnicities, creeds, colors and ideals together as One Family.

The Rules:

  1. Share an act of kindness another blogger has done for you.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you for the award, and link back to  your blog
  3. Nominate those bloggers whom you feel practice Kindness and Love — you choose how many!

The First Nominees for The Award for Love and Kindness  are:

  1. Dr. Rex
  2. Shaun Gibson
  3. Holley4734
  4. PetiteMagique
  5. HeartAFire
  6. Moorbey
  7. HuntFORTruth
  8. MisBehaved Woman
  9. Cooper1963
  10. KA Brace
  11. Oldpoet56
  12. Gene’O
  13. Seyi Sandra
  14. Sachemspeaks
  15. Crowing Crone Joss
  16. Tersia Burger
  17. Mungai and the Goa Constrictor
  18. Quiall
  19. Clan Mother
  20. Carol Carlisle
  21. Toemailer
  22. BlackWomenStandup
  23. Craves Adventure
  24. AshiAkira
  25. GatorWoman
  26. Pastiva
  27. Vicky Nanjappa
  28. EndangeredLiving
  29. HelenValentina
  30. Venkat

Sunshine Award

Holley has nominated me for the SunShine Award


This award is particularly meaningful to me as I consider her blog a source of sunshine in my own life!  Please visit her blog, I think you will love it as I do.


The Rules for the SunShine award are:

ere are the rules:

– Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
– Link to the person who nominated you.
– Answer 10 questions about yourself.
– Nominate 10 bloggers.
– Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.


My 10 questions: 

  1. Favourite food:  Artichokes
  2. Favourite actor: Robert Redford
  3. Favourite TV show: Big Bang Theory
  4. Favourite tear-jerker: Bridges of Madison County
  5. Favourite sport: Baseball
  6. Lucky number: 7
  7. Tea or coffee: tea
  8. Holidays: 4th of July (American Independence Day, for those around the world!)
  9. Twitter or Facebook: Facebook
  10. Favourite Christmas movie: Miracle on 24th Street (original)
    BJWordPressDividerMy nominees are:

1. Andy1076

2. ReverseCommuter



7. oldpoet56

8. sherayx

9. michael lai

10. linne




14. busymindthinking


Bouquet of Kindness Awards

Just Patty (petitemagique) has nominated me for the Bouquet of Kindness award


This award includes The Versatile Blogger Award, The Sunshine Award, The Awesome Blossom Award and The ABC Award.


sunshine-award2 (2)

awesome-blossom (1)abc (1)


 Thank you, Patty for thinking so highly of me.  For the record, I think the world of her and of her blog and I encourage you to check it out!


I would ask each of my nominees to tell us about one kind thing someone has done for you in the last month (you can do this in a separate blog if you prefer).

My nominees for this lovely Bouquet of Kindness include:

  1. Owls and Orchids
  2. HuntFORTruth
  4. Inavukic
  5. RoSy
  6. SoupToNuts
  7. Dr. Rex
  8. Shaun Gibson
  9. Moorbey
  10. Crowing Crone Joss
  11. MisBehaved Woman
  12. ChocolateVent
  13. Bernasvibe
  15. Jason Frost


Lovely poem.

Owls and Orchids

Everyone has memories

Like the ones that make us smile

Or those that make us frown

They’re simply memories

They catch us unawares

Then we feel other people stare

Smiling like a fool

That we’ve broke every rule


Not linked at all to sobriety

Just a fool with crazy memories

Making smiles appear like anemones

Who cares if we’re ridiculous

It’s the memory

The one that’s in front of us

Making us smile

Or frown

A simple backwards smile

As though we forgot how to smile

Which way our mouth should go

For our heart is broken like the rest of us

We have no way of moving forward

Held back by the desire

To recapture the bliss that enraptured us

Before we became what we once were

And could no longer see the person

Who we had once been

Beautiful, in love,

Our hearts open wide

Dreaming of…

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Croatia: Barry Lituchy’s Fabrication Of History Or When Greater Serbia Lobby Gets Desperate

Croatia, the War, and the Future

I once read that actions such as the denial of the Holocaust, and the use of racist strategies generally — against Jews, Muslims, Serbs, Croats, whomever — contain the foundation of the destruction and failure of those who practice them. I agree. Keeping that thought in mind and heart, I hope that Barry M. Lituchy’s Serbian propaganda will soon stumble upon its deserved demise.  It is impossible for me and, I guess, every human being who thrives on truth to keep quiet about blanket racist political strategies that seem to focus on the destroying of one person via vilifying a whole nation of people.  That is racist and that is how, one by one person, masses have been murdered and it strikes ones gasping for justice when encountered.

I turn here to a letter, that has just come to light, reportedly written to FIFA by Barry M Lituchy (an adjunct…

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To start the day …..

It Is What It Is


~~February 7, 2014~~

Starting the day with wonderful, touching and inspiring quotes from Anthony Douglas Williams places you in a good spot.

I hope this gives you the inspiration that it gives me to look at this world in turmoil with clear, positive eyes. There’s so much that takes away from our inner peace. 

Just look around the corner, look at the newspapers, look at the news.

There is still good in this world. It’s inside all of us. More attention is needed to the inside. WE are the celebrities!! 

Hope you enjoy!! 
















Inside the Divine Pattern – 11:11, 12-21-2012, Ancient Secrets, Spiritual Changes


Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011

All rights and credits to author Anthony Douglas Williams…Link below…

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Feb. 6th Salute to Black History*Freed U.S. slaves depart New York on journey to FREEtown , Sierra Leone(in West Africa)

Information I did not know.

Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT....

* February 6, 1820…Freed U. S. Slaves depart on journey to Africa*

The first organized immigration of freed slaves to Africa from the United States departs New York harbor on a journey to Freetown, Sierra Leone, in West Africa. The immigration was largely the work of the American Colonization Society, a U.S. organization founded in 1816 by Robert Finley to return freed American slaves to Africa. However, the expedition was also partially funded by the U.S. CONGRESS, which in 1819 had appropriated $100,000 to be used in returning displaced Africans, illegally brought to the United States after the abolishment of the slave trade in 1808, to Africa.

The program was modeled after British’s efforts to resettle freed slaves in Africa following England’s abolishment of the slave trade in 1772. In 1787, the British government settled 300 former slaves and 70 white prostitutes on the Sierra Leone peninsula in West Africa…

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