Love of All Loves

Wonderful word craft. I love the imagery. Hugs, Barbara


Love of All Loves

Hold my Hand in Solitude, Turning,
While this Passion’s fire is Burning,
Make Straight this Path Upon which I Tread,
Leading me Upon the High Road, Instead.

Grappling with Wisdom like a Leviathan,
Leaning Upon Grace to help me Stand,
Purchase Beyond any Earthly Measure,
Love of All Loves, my most Precious Treasure.

Walk in Light with me this While,
Dry my Tears with Heaven’s Smile,
OH! How my Heart Aches and Yearns,
Only for You, Sweet Love that Burns,

Burns away these Fears and Doubts,
Lifting my Spirits so I May Shout
From Every Mountain Standing in Epic Height,
From the Dimness Hiding our Weary Sight.

Love of All Loves, More Precious than Gold,
Shape my Readiness like the potter’s Mold,
Touch this Hand, Hold this Heart,
Love of All Loves, Your Precious Beauty Impart.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: redxen at

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Beach Sunset Panorama, Double Height

Just beautiful! Hugs, Barbara

Don Charisma

This one was taken last year, it has extra sand and extra sky. I really like the pastel shades and the silhouette palm tree leaf doesn’t hurt  🙂

It’s ten (5wx2h P) photos merged with PTGui Pro

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

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The Government of Jamaica is not dealing with the public in good faith on Goat Islands port, says JET

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The following is a press release from the Jamaica Environment Trust.

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, February 6th, 2014

Kingston, Jamaica

GOJ  not dealing with public in good faith re Goat Islands port, says JET

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) made Access to Information (ATI) requests in October 2013 to the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) for the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd. (CHEC); as well as any technical proposals describing the work to be undertaken in the Portland Bight Protected Area.  We made no request concerning the broader matter of the logistics hub.   JET’s  request for these documents were denied, an internal review was requested, and the denial was upheld.  JET therefore filed an appeal to the Access to Information Appeals Tribunal to challenge the PAJ’s refusal to provide information.  We were awaiting a hearing date.

On February 4th, 2014, JET received the…

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