Reach for the Stars (reblogged from 2012)


Stars came into my notice when I was a child. I think it is the same for many of us. I can shut my eyes and see myself in my childhood bedroom; sitting in front of my windows and looking out at the stars and the moon. I remember wishing on stars but not what I wished for. I can remember being at the beach listening to the roar of the ocean and loving how the stars lit up the sky. I also remember camping on mountain tops and feeling so close I could just reach up and pick one all for myself.

There does seem to be a deep cosmic connection between humans and the stars. They have fascinated us for millennia. Many of us do believe in star magic and Hollywood worked to keep the mystic tie to romance and love. We have stargazers and star shine.

Reaching for the stars helped Galileo to invent the telescope and determine that the sun did not rotate around us, but that Mother Earth rotated around the sun. In America, reaching for the stars has come to mean to reach for your full potential, to stretch yourself and accomplish the impossible. It stands for the ultimate effort, the ultimate goal. For many of us who are artists, it symbolizes reaching within and pulling out that masterpiece you never thought you were capable of. For those of us on a spiritual path, stars remind us of just who we are and what we are made from: Star dust. Star dust is what every sentient being is made of and that gives us a connection to each other. The human race, despite different skin colors, cultures, religions, passions have one huge thing in common. We are made of star dust. We are connected to all that exists in the Universe. It is all star dust and we can reach for the stars and we are stretching out our arms to touch God. I am stardust and within my soul is the Divinity of the Universe.

Poetry: I am calling for you

Exceptional! Patty you have a special blog here. Hugs, Barbara


I am calling for you

I am calling for you

I love you with an immortal love

Buried deep inside my darkened heart

Resonating through my soul until the end of days

Certain that nothing can ever drive us apart


I protect you with a undefeatable force

Giving everything without hesitation

Careless for any unknown consequences

Defending you with an infinite devotion


I am here for you with undying patience

Making you my everlasting priority

No matter the circumstances, I will be there

Because I thought you would do the same for me


I stand by you with unfaltering trust

Believing in you was an unquestionable choice

You promised to be there and now I’m calling for you

But all I hear are the echoes of my own broken voice…

– Just Patty –

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Good news for all mammals! I was in Bahamas last year. I swam with a dolphin and kissed her nose. It was a spiritual experience.





The ATLANTIS BLUE PROJECT is managed by the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, a private non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of global marine ecosystems through scientific research, education, and community outreach. BMMRO is excited to now be a part of this project and in turn has received two grants from the Atlantis Blue Project for 2014 


Stranding Response to Support Conservation of Marine Mammals in the Bahamas 

Increasing capacity and available funds to respond rapidly to strandings in The Bahamas will increase our ability to determine cause of death and/or successful rehabilitation of marine mammals. At the first stranding workshop held in the Bahamas in 2008, the Honourable Lawrence Cartwright, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources officially opened the workshop stating “I believe the establishment of a Marine Mammal Stranding Network in…

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Haibun Thinking Week Six I’m Feeling Good

Love this. Great job.

A Mixed Bag

I chose this weeks literature prompt as it is the anniversary of the birth of Theodor Seuss Geisel – Dr Seuss. He would be the ripe old age of 110 this Sunday, March 2nd. I would like to thank Anja for pointing that out to me.

Although the literary prompt brings forth loads of idea, the photo threw a poem to the fore, so I have used that today. I may use the good Doctor later in the week.

If you want to see what it’s all about, head over to Haibun Thinking and take a look around, or go and see what others have written here.

When I originally saw this photo, I immediately had the thought of Nina Simone’s song I’m Feeling Good.

© Michael Grogan © Michael Grogan

Rain fills the birdbath with water
The table stands awaiting guests
Avian creatures circle above
Contemplating taking rests

Food thrown on…

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This is what American public schools asks of children.



Not being a conspiracy theorist, I cannot say, categorically, that there is a plot afoot to keep the general populace in widespread ignorance by dumbing down the curriculum.

Neither can I say, with any real evidence, that current methodology and practice within establishments (from primary through to secondary and beyond) is designed to ensure minimum love of education and a destruction of motivation within students and teachers.

What I can say, with more than a measure of truth, is that all of the above appears to be happening.

And it worries the hell out of me.

Children either unable to read or spell or their capacity to do so measuring well below their intellectual abilities.

Children bored or turned off of education from the earliest years.

Students lacking the desire to embrace education for the sheer joy of it.

There is much more. And there are many more worrying…

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Stormy Sunset Over Greenwich Pier – HDR

Sharing beauty with all of us. Thank you, Don.

Don Charisma

I posted the non-HDR single shot iPhone pano of this one a few weeks ago. Finally got around to merging a HDR pano I’d taken of the same scene.

Taken on my iPhone 4s, 8 portrait shots wide merged with PTGui Pro.

It’s the pier used to catch a boat in Greenwich, London, on a rather cloudy cold moody evening.

It’s worth double clicking as there’s a larger image behind this one 🙂 Enjoy !

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

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A Shining Day

I am not a morning person. But even I am impressed with your photograph and your beautiful poem.


Picture 500
A Shining Day

Written: Maxima

This early morning blush,
At its greatest width,
Its horizon,
Brings spring beauty, and
The warmth of,
Its purple petals,
A shining day,
Giving light of truth,
Flowers and dew.
Unspeakable joy, of
The birds on the roofs
Of the neighboring buildings
In whose gentle touch
Dreams of a long common thread
Are woven,
Fly the blue sky
All the way to the high
Where the eternal life begins.
All the way
To that encounter
With the beauty of the sky
Is rejoicing,
And you
My beloved, bring
Scented morning kiss
Happiness of my dreams, and
Shafts of my soul open
With the gentleness of your touch.

That dream, for
Which I live,
Which I look forward to
And our sweet-not-sleep nights.
Weave our kisses into
The thoughts, and
Where wishes come true.
How nice,
It is just like you
To know…

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