Old Age Imagined

A good read. As I am old now I am not sure you miss interpreted his life.

Poet's Corner

As I watched him shuffle,
With an old man’s walk,
And I heard him mutter,
With an old man’s talk,
I found myself thinking,
I just couldn’t bear,
To live to be older,
With thin greying hair,
And with legs that don’t work,
And with eyes that don’t see.
That wouldn’t be the right life for me.

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3 thoughts on “Old Age Imagined

  1. Joannie says:

    Wonderfull, powerful poem!

  2. Joannie says:

    Oops, typo on “wonderful,” but it’s still fitting:-)

  3. PookyH says:

    Thanks for reblogging this – I’m glad you enjoyed it but I really hope I had got him all wrong!

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