World War One, a hundred years ago

War…what is it good for? Nothing!

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This video is called World War One in Color: Slaughter in the Trenches.

From the site No Glory in war 1914-1918, in Britain:

World War One 1914-18: One hundred years of failure to learn from ‘the war to end wars’

Written by Michael Faulkner on 12 February 2014

The First World War had little or nothing to do with the defence of “western civilization”, “liberal values” or democracy, it was at root a war of inter-imperialist rivalry

The government’s promised launch of a four-year long commemoration of World War One kicked off with a salvo from Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove. He set the tone of what we may expect by shooting down the popular TV satirical/historical spoof of the 1980s, “Black Adder”, which parodied several hundred years of British history, culminating in in a final episode with the whole cast “going over the top” to collective

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More Chinese Lies: China Denies All Involvement In Rhino And Elephant Poaching Crisis

This is sickening and must stop.

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

The Chinese Government has denied claims of fuelling elephant and rhino deaths saying it was committed to helping Kenya increase its tourism revenue by supporting local wildlife conservation.

The Chinese Embassy chancellor, Mr Z. Cao blamed Western and African media of tarnishing his country’s name by claiming China provided a ready market for ivory and horn.

Speaking during a joint press conference with Narok County governor Samuel Tunai at Keekorok Lodge in Maasai Mara Game Reserve over the weekend, Mr Cao said all Chinese nationals visiting Kenya will from now on receive short text message alerts warning them against engaging in illegal wildlife trade.

“There are stringent penalties on wildlife crime introduced by various countries aimed at stopping carnage within wildlife sanctuaries of elephants and rhinos. Perpetrators of ivory trade and its products get up to life imprisonment,” he added.

Mr Cao was part of a powerful delegation including the…

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#Dusk til Dawn

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Owls and Orchids

#Dusk til Dawn image from


The sun’s golden orb slipped slowly from the sky

Down behind the far mountains

Shrouded in mist

Changing colour from white to yellow

Vibrant orange appeared like a painters brush

Swept across the skies

Only to change to a vermillion swirl

Deepening to violet

As the sun finally slipped behind the mountain

Leaving a glowing coronet around its head


Sky chasing the sun

Hues blending together to form a deep dreamless dark

So dark it appears black and not blue

Such a wonderful calming hue

Yet on the far horizon a change is seen

A mellow gleam rises it seems from the ocean

Rising majestically

Its white gold hue with shades of gold

That appears there too

Marking the march of time

Until the hour finally arrives

#Dusk til Dawn image from


She slips quietly from her bed

Clothes hidden beneath the stairs

Gathered quickly…

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Unions, pensions and the future of Social Security

This is so true. Government has taken money out of Social Security over and over. Unions are once again important. Employers are caring less and less about their employees.


Social security is in trouble for two big main reasons.

First, because politicians keep dipping their fingers into it to improve their corrupting Port Belly home improvements.


Thanks to the many changes able to be made in our workforce by big business, thanks to our politicians and the beating up on the unions.

Social security was put in place to supplement workers earnings not to be a retirement paycheck?

My battle cry was, is and will always be, thanks to a big smile from a Hollywood actor acting at his best, because that is what he did best and that is all he did was act.

Many things changed in this country to Small Business owners, the middle-class and our poor and none of it was good!

The only accomplishment to his credit is an old decrepit wall that had been crumbling for centuries, by telling the Russian government…

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