The War on Women Continues

National Organization of Women

National Organization of Women

A teacher raped his 14 year old student. She has committed suicide. The judge said she was ‘older than’ her chronological age so the teacher was only given thirty days. I heard the news anchor tell this story and I was stunned. This judge should be dis-barred. Think about a fourteen year old girl you might know and think of her committing suicide. Her family’s loss and grief is real and it means more than the satisfaction the teacher got. Rape is an act of power and control. Sex is the weapon used to wield that power. So this teacher gets thirty days.

This is a sexist message that the judge is sending to the community and the nation. We can’t let men get away with rape and we can’t let them get away with statutory rape. There is no turning the other cheek when a crime involves minor children.

I find this to be disgusting and I think the media needs to keep this story alive and we need to contact Senators and Representatives and tell them to protect women. Ask them to stand up for young people because this happens to boys too.

This teacher is a pedophile and needs to serve the severest of sentences. He needs to be registered as a sex offender and he needs to be locked up for a very long time. Let’s speak out for this young woman and let her parents know our society does care and grieves with them.

” My satisfaction comes from my committment to advancing a better world.”     —–Faye Wattleton

Respect all women or you are a misogyist

Respect all women or you are a misogyist

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”  –—–Mother Teresa

The War on Women

The War on Women

There is only one reason for rape and it is a crime.

There is only one reason for rape and it is a crime.

9 thoughts on “The War on Women Continues

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Statutory rape? That’s not so clear. There are things I would have consented to at age 18 that I won’t consent to at age 35, so in a sense I was still a minor at age 18, maybe even at age 25, even though the state considered me an adult. Who knows what wisdom I’ll learn 10 years from now. People are always aging, and everyone matures at a different rate.

    But if you really care about women, have you ever heard of gynecology? That’s rape, and I don’t see anyone really doing anything about it. In fact, I saw it treated casually on a recent cover of Cosmopolitan. This world is sick in many ways that many people don’t even realize.

    • I am a retired nurse and understand ob gyn. Rape is about power and control and young people are not able to make good decisions. Rape has nothing to do with sex and young girls need to be protected from men who would take advantage. A fourteen year girl is not able to make mature decisions.

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

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  3. bernasvibe says:

    @..”There is only one reason for rape and it is a crime…”..>>This comment sums it UP..As does your comment that this teacher IS a perverted , twisted pedophile!!! This is a sickness of which there is NO cure..And is WHY these people seek out careers in which they can be around YOUNG people..What in the world this so called judge was thinking is far beyond the grasp of my mental being..I don’t want to understand it! But what is clear and sure is that this teacher will DO this again..Not being charged with rape ; will give him the ability to teach again around young girls..I can get far too deep about the impact of rape; than time allows for right now..It IS a highly personal topic for me. From waybackintheday..

    I’ll say this.The message is being made clear over & over again these days..There is a severe lack of regard for women! I’m a very proud hetereosexual feminist Sista..I believe in equal & fair rights for all…We ALL are taking a major hit from judicial rulings such as this one..Including men who are fathers of daughters/sons of women/spouses of women..Silence is not always golden either…I’ll be sounding OFF on this alot. I’d just read about this in my morning reading of the news..Thank you though for posting it here on WordPress..Thousands will see it and hopefully sound off as well

  4. I saw this yesterday and was stunned and sickened. The judge determined ‘she was older than her chronological age’, how is this possible? Her teacher begin raping her at 14, her abuse continued for quite some time. This teacher had already been convicted and was in treatment, which he failed to complete. Her suicide happened 3 years after her rape and as a direct result of her earlier abuse. She was not the only one, not the only victim.

    I can only say, what the hell is wrong with this system, with these men who judge us not worth of justice.

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