Living in Harmony

We Can All be a Light to Others

Thanksgiving is upon us. A day that Americans remember blessings and those who are no longer with us and…eat too much. This is also a time where we are watching a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel. There are celebrations in the Gaza Strip. What will make this a true cease-fire?

Arabs and Jews must live together in peace. Easy to say. Easy to say when you live across the world from the site of this continuing conflict. Are we each living in harmony with those in our own sphere? Do we show love to those who are different? Will we give thanks to The One for all the people and acquaintances within our spheres?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my message for this day, here and around the world, is to look at others and not see different skin color, language, nationality or spiritual path, but to see another child of God. Another being created from Stardust, just as we are. I encourage people to look within and to find the Divine within and then to see the Divine in those around you.

They aren’t a mistake. They are as beloved by The One as you and I are. We need to accept each other as children of the Universe and live in harmony with all. Yes, there are people who have evil intentions, but the number of them compared to those who love the Divine are minimal and we need to send out love into our life sphere, not distrust or hatred.

For Thanksgiving, try loving everyone. Accept them and their differences. Remember they are loved, too, just like you and I are. Stop the judgement and criticizing of people for being different.

May we all live today, tomorrow and always in harmony.

May we Live in Peace and Harmony