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How many PRIVATE sector jobs have been lost or gained since Obama was inaugurated?


  • 4,213,000 PRIVATE-sector jobs (in seasonally adjusted numbers) were LOST from the time Obama took office until the “trough” of the Great Recession in early 2010. 
  • 5,425,000 PRIVATE-sector jobs (in seasonally adjusted numbers) were GAINED OR CREATED from the “trough” of the Great Recession until now, October 2012.
  • In total,1,212,000 private sector jobs (in seasonally adjusted numbers) have been GAINED from the time Obama took office until now, October 2012.
  • So Obama has gained 1,212,000 private sector jobs in less than 4 years, while Bush lost 600,000 private sector jobs in eight years. So Obama has created almost 2 million more private sector jobs in half the time. 
  • Do we really want to go back to Romney’s trickle down debacle on steroids?!



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Four Days Until the Election

We are four days from making history. We will make the right choice. The only choice.

High five for President.

If anything, Hurricane Sandy is showing us who really cares. The 99% will help each other get through this sad and horrible disaster. Americas will rebuild and pull it together with the help of the rest of us. We have the strength and resilience Americans have always have had. President Obama cares and is working to make assistance available.

Tuesday is November 6th, please remember to vote and remember to reach out to those who have faced the storm and have survived. We are America. We will do this.

Through the storm Lady Liberty continues to be a becon to the people of the world.


We Are the World

Hurricane Sandy has now come, destroyed and gone. We, as citizens of our country need to come together regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status and turn around and see the millions of people who are injured, scared, in pain, overwhelmed and homeless.

Yes, FEMA will help, and the states will help, but people need more. They need each other. They need the rest of the country to care and to pull together with donations and volunteers. People are still in shelters. Children have lost their favorite stuffed toy. Some people have not one material thing left in this world. Nothing left to show that they were ever there or ever cared about anything.

Material things are not the most important things, but warm clothes, a roof over your children’s heads, and food and water are necessary to maintain life. So please donate to the American Red Cross tell them your donation is for Hurricane Sandy. Take time out to be grateful for what you have and share with the millions who have had their lives devastated.

For those who live in communities not as hard hit as New Jersey, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island and elsewhere you can help on a more personal level. If neighbors are without power, invite them to have a warm shower and a meal. Help to put up tarps on roofs and perhaps drive children to school. Share a hug and let someone know you care that they are suffering and feeling alone and helpless. Take them to church, temple, or mosque so they may have relief and support there also.

This is the time for the 99% to show that we are strong and love our fellow Americans. We have open hearts and will lovingly and compassionately reach out and help those in need. We are Americans and will help each other and anyone who is in need. So, to the food banks, to your churches, to your local shelters give what you can and give it with love.

Satelite picture of America after Hurricane Sandy