Stop the Violence. Stop the Wars

We can live in peace on this planet. We can move beyond hate and fear of differences to love and acceptance.

Well, we have a cease-fire. It has been violated but it is still a cease-fire. I pray for all of the people who have been injured or killed. I pray for those who have lost family and friends. The problem is this cease-fire is not peace. It could erupt any time and the horror would start all over again.

Now the Egyptian Prime Minister has declared he has absolute power for the next six months. What is going on? It seems as if we are as a species going quite out of our minds. The Egyptian people are protesting and I understand that. It is their God given right to speak up against this madness. My heart is with them and hopes that the protests will let the government understand they can’t steal power from the people.

I read a quote today, It was, “Don’t shoot. I want to grow up.” What could be a clearer message to the people of the world than the simple voice of a child declaring what he wants? I would add that we have an obligation to help children grow up without hatred and violence. To have a healthy safe world to grow up in.

We don’t know, which child lost in the recent attacks between Hamas and Israel, might have grown up to be another Abraham, or Einstein or another Ghandi. We might be killing the person who could bring permanent peace to this One Planet we all share. Think about the bottom line, think about what we are robbing the world of. Then remember, we are all responsible to promote peace wherever we are. Blessings to all.

Make music, make love, make solutions; not war.