You May Say I’m a Dreamer…But I’m Not the Only One

Yesterday, I started to talk about chanting for peace, and the importance of chanting and music.  There is Spirit in Sound, and that Spirit takes us closer to the presence and love of The One.  You can chant alone, or you can look for groups, peace groups or chanting groups, within your neighborhood, church, temple or mosque, or you could start a group of your own.

Chanting is a way to bring more of the sacred into your life.  Chanting for peace is a way of putting that peaceful, loving energy into the world, where it can grow and be fed by others around you that you don’t even know are chanting.

Ecumenical groups chanting for peace can be such a beautiful experience, each person can bring a chant from their own path to share with the others.  This mixture of voices and thoughts and sounds lifting up together to the heavens, to the Beloved, work to help heal our World.

There are new wars starting as you read this.  I watch BBC News a lot to keep an eye on what is going on all over the world – American news tends to be self-centered, and while my own country is important, it is no more important than the rest of the world.  I’m filled with terrible sadness at the wars starting and continuing around the world; the people who would rather fight than talk; the innocent civilians who are being injured; and most importantly, the innocent children who are being injured, who are being maimed — blinded, losing limbs, and losing their faith in peace and hope.  I think about my nine grandchildren, and I can see their little faces if someone came up to them with a gun, or if they saw a bomb explode, and I ache for the grandchildren of others around the world.

Chanting for peace is an important concept, and is so easy to do.  You CAN do it by yourself, because the Beloved God does hear every voice, even the sounds of the old peace songs rise up and lift healing energy and spread it around the world, which is why I have included these two videos.

“Those who know Him cry with one voice; He is the singer, He is the song, and He is the music.  He speaks through every tune, He is manifest in every melody.”

–Nazir, Sufi Poet

I hope you enjoy these songs, and I pray that my chanting and the chanting of those who join me will help to save the lives of innocent people and children and will help to make this a peaceful world.