The Need for Women’s Voices in the World

Galveston Island, TX ; Photo by Barbara Mattio

” This is how love is: So what if your head must roll,

What is there to cry about?”    —-Kabir

“In proportion as one simplifies one’s life,

the laws of the Universe will appear less

complex, and solitude will not be solitude,

nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness.       —Thoreau

If we were to remove all mention of women from the history of the world’s major religions, the history of these religions would not undergo the slightest change. Removing all male’s names would destroy religion. The presence of feminine mystics and holy women has never altered the course of religious history or changed its direction at all.

Most people assume that our religions were equally representative of the feminine psyche is an assumption that finds no footing in our religious histories. To change religions and spiritual paths to be inclusive of the female energy and spirit. Women need to continue to take the forefront of spiritual experience in our modern world. We need to take the lead in making spiritual paths more accepting of women and protective of women and children.

Gulf of Mexico,  Photo by Barbara Mattio

Women at the head of spiritual paths and walking along their own spiritual journey can begin to change some of the horrors women and children find themselves living in. I am speaking of Human Traffeting in children, genital mutilation, marrying 10 year old children. We as women need to teach more about love and acceptance and less about hatred and violence. Women have the ability to look at the big picture of what is happening in our world and to make the needed changes.

Things like micro loans, education, feeding a village buy buying the villagers a goat or seeds to plant to grow their own food. Women need to take the lead in the global climate control. It is our time to step forward and speak up. It is our time to make the haters, the greedy, the ones’s who take advantage of the poor, elderly and homeless pay for their crimes.  We need to step forward to show that our priorities are more than monetary. They are people, peace and the end of wars.

The Beauty of Mother Earth


The Educability of Perch

Rather than the blather from FOX News directing the media discourse, this is actual news that the average citizen should know. Instead of the general conversation  heard anywhere among the misinformed, that “the economy’s going to crap” the truth is the deficit is shrinking faster than it has in over 65 years.Terms such as “fiscal cliff” sound far more ominous than they are and fair and balanced reporting would convey that message. But hype and sensation drive the 24/7 news cycle, feeding the masses infotainment as the new “news”.

I, for one, would love to see this kind of information looped over the airways. Patriotism is celebrating good news, in my view and I’ll take optimism over pessimism any day. I know it’s not the job of the MSM to determine that but it is their job to report actual news. At least that’s what I thought. And I have…

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