Down to the Wire

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Please vote responsibly. Please vote!

The difficult thing about an election where you are invested heart and soul, is that you give it all you have. All of the blood sweat and tears. We are three days from one of the most important elections during my lifetime. We are at a real crossroads for women and coming generations. There is never a perfect candidate, but one can and will take our country back in time fifty years.

We, as voting women and our daughters and granddaughters need to vote with the knowledge that our votes will affect millions of American women. The ability to have access to birth control, reproductive education, how a rape victim is treated and defended and counseled in the future is up for grabs here. The GOP feels the body shuts down and a woman can’t get pregnant during a legitimate rape. What else will they decide is magically going to change for women? What excuses will they come up with to control women, our bodies and our minds?

Next year, 2013 is going to be the opportunity to have Congress finally, finally pass a law to make women legally equal. We are the only citizens in America not to be equal. This is the twenty-first century. There will be benefits to us as women when this is passed.

The other point I want to state, is that Romney gave an interview recently, and he was asked about his Mormon faith. Now I do believe in separation of church and state, and I don’t think that the question should have asked. But it was, and Romney became agitated and slightly defensive. I found that a strange reaction to a fairly innocuous question. I think it is a character flaw if someone is nervous and upset to answer questions concerning whatever they believe or don’t believe.  If he thought the question should not have been answered, he should have said so, not become agitated answering it.

Tuesday, November 6 is right around the corner. I suppose people know my feelings. I early voted. But, please go out and vote Tuesday. This is such an important time in America. Even though you may feel done with all of the campaign ads, and the negativity back and forth, cast your vote. Your vote is one of the foundations of Democracy.

Education of American children needs to be one of our priorities going forward.

This is your opportunity to stop this subjection and ownership of the female gender

Susan B. Anthony got us the vote with many other suffragettes; they made a coin for her in the U.S. Mint. If she were alive today, she wouldn’t be legally equal.