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See Link Above – Obama Wins 8 of the Nation’s 10 Wealthiest Counties


President Obama doesn’t want the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire out of spite or for the heck of it. It’s because Obama wants a balanced approach to solving the nation’s budget problems, while still allowing for the same type of investments that built the modern economy and the middle-class: GI Bill, infrastructure, social security, microchip, personal computer, Pell Grants, GPS, Internet, fracking, Medicare, and so on.

8 of the nation’s wealthiest counties understood government and private sector collaboration during the Cold War made this country great. They understood Romney’s trickle-down plan was more of the same policies that have been weakening America for the last 11 years. 8 of the nation’s wealthiest counties voted for Obama because they knew it would benefit everyone along the economic spectrum – poor, middle-class, and rich.



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Working Together For Our World With Love and Acceptance

99% of the American people working to hold up the World

When Bush first ran for President against Al Gore, I was deeply disappointed when he won. However, he won fair and square. The majority of the people spoke in his favor. We even had the controversy over Florida and “the hanging chads from ballots.” I will admit I was unhappy and a bit suspicious.

I am a pacifist and I will admit that I shunned vets after Vietnam. I’ve learned a lot since then. I was totally against the War in Iraq, but I understood that many of our boys and girls were choosing to fight in this war. So I gave them my prayers and support. I still wasn’t happy, but I accepted this second administration. I felt Bush was a “cowboy” and not the man I wanted to be President. Well, it was my opinion and my right to voice my views, rationally and logically. For eight years I did not let anger or conspiracies rule my thoughts and life.

Now, times have changed and Barak Obama has been elected by the majority and electoral vote of the American people. I must say that I am shocked by all of the hatred, anger, and illogical talk that is taking place. Twenty states talking succession. Really? So you are taking your toys home and never playing with us again. In an election, someone always loses. Sometimes it is Domecrats and sometimes Republicans.

Our Founding Fathers did not have the sort of rhetoric and extreme anger I have been hearing on the internet and in articles…let alone Social Media. I believe they would be disappointed that all they dreamed and fought for, American freedom would end up being trashed like this.

It is time for each citizen to look into their hearts and minds and look for the rational, loving, accepting human being that this country was designed for. Please put aside the angst and let us all work together to make this a country and world filled with the love and beauty that Divinity has had in mind.

The beautiful creation of Divinity.

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Today throughout America and all her diverse geopolitical climes, there will be a discernible sadness in the air. November 12th  is the day where the nation as a whole takes a moment to not only honor but  thank all military people who served in all war especially those veterans still alive today. There will be tears  for some and somber reflections for others. At some point idealistically thinking, each of us will be inspired by the sacrifices of these men and women to live more fully.

This year I wanted to do much more than give the generic bullshit lip-service I have done in the past.  I figured that  the best way to honor those sacrifices no matter if I agree with the causes of the war would be to shine a light on those who suffer because they cannot benefit from the same rights as I do. As the…

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