Chanting For Peace

“Oh music,
In your depths we deposit our hearts and souls.
Thou hast taught us to see with our eyes
And hear with our hearts.”
——Kahlil Gibran

“Before the world was, all was in sound.
God was in sound, we are made of sound.”

—Hazrat Inayat Khan

Conflicts in the Middle East are often distressing and frustrating to follow in the news. I personally, often feel such sadness. But there are things we can do to help. I believe prayer and chanting are ways we can help to bring about peace in our world. With chanting in groups. Chaotic images fall away and walls and barriers move apart to make room for love and acceptance. Prayers in these groups are aligned to magnify our relationship with The One. A deep Peace can settle over the situations and ease the tensions. There is a call for Jerusalem to once again become an abode of peace.

We are enveloped in sound. The vibrations of energy that we call sound pour through us whether we are asleep or awake. Whether we are in the midst of a noisy traffic jam or on a mountain top. Nineteenth-century philosopher Lorenz Oken stated, “The eye takes a person into the world. The ear brings the world into a human being.”

“Flowers and bees may be different, but the honey is the same.
Systems of faith may be different, but God is One.”
—Rig Veda

The words you use to chant, I do not believe are important. You need only use words which take you into the inner self where you can focus on peace and harmony. OM, Native American chants, Jewish chants, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Islamic chants will take us within to help to bring the peace and harmony the world needs so desperately into fruition. I will be following up with more blogs about this important subject.

Working for Peace and Harmony in Our Time