The Fullness of Miracles

Being in the Moment

I have been away helping a friend for a few days. That is why I haven’t blogged. But, as so often happens, those days were filled with little miracles. Small events that could go unnoticed. It is so important to be aware of the present moment. Too often we hold onto the past or look to the future. The problem is that we miss all the gifts and the little miracles that happen around us each day. We have to look for them because we are too busy rehashing the past or hoping for the future and what it may bring to us.

In the present moment, if you look for it, you will find a “domino’ effect which is bring what you need for you and at the time you need it. If you aren’t looking for these times of perfect order, you will miss the gifts the Universe has for you. These little gifts could be the right person who could become a very dear friend, someone giving you the information you don’t even know you need yet. The Universe knows though. The accident you are saved from because you listened to “the still small voice” within.

If we do not pay attention to the present, miracles pass you by like a cumulus cloud sailing across the blue sky. I also believe that the more often you recognize the little gifts that come into your life, the more you will be sent. It is also important to listen to that urge to perform an act of kindness or just sending someone a note when they suddenly come to your mind. It is easy to ignore these prompts because life is so busy with so many things to do. Working, children, homework, friends, spouses, health all take our attention and other things get lost in the swirl of activity.

This is why it is so important, to look around in the present moment and to really “see” and “hear” what is in your life. What small thing shows up that will make a huge difference. Something you couldn’t have imagined happening, yet the Universe brings it all to you at the right time and with the right people. The person from your past who shows up and your friendship and loving feelings add blessings to both of  your lives. So I encourage everyone to take a moment every day and look for what you aren’t expecting but brings many blessings to you, because you took the time to stop, breathe and to really look around you and at the people in your life. They are often used as a way to bring us the small miracles. Then keep a book of them and remember to show the Universe your gratitude. By keeping a book, you will see how much you are being given. It helps you to get through the hard days when it seems like you are all alone. In truth, we never are alone because Divinity is always within.

Chautauqua Lake, NY; Photo by Barbara Mattio