The Divine bows to the Divine in you.

The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you.


As we are together, praying for peace, let us be truly with each other.
Let us pay attention to our breathing.
Let us be relaxed in our bodies and our minds.
Let us return to ourselves and become wholly ourselves. Let us
maintain a half-smile on our faces.
Let us be aware of the source of being common to us all and to all living things.
Evoking the presence of the Great Compassion, let us fill our hearts
with our own compassion—towards ourselves and towards all living beings.
Let us pray that all living beings realize that they are all brothers
and sisters, all nourished from the same source of life.
Let us pray that we ourselves cease to be the cause of suffering to
each other.
Let us plead with ourselves to live in a way which will not deprive
other beings of air, water, food, shelter, or the chance to live.
With humility , with awareness of the existence of life, and of the
sufferings that are going on around us, let us pray for the establishment of peace in our
hearts and on earth. Amen

—-Thich Nhat Hanh

War destroys the childhoods of children.

War destroys the childhoods of children.

3 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Eloquently said, Namaste and thank you for following my blog. I am truly humbled, Oliana.

  2. What a beautiful prayer. It gives me hope, that together, by practicing compassion always and everywhere, we can change the world. Namaste.

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