But I love You!

natashalove31's Blog

Take just one look around me and tell me what you see? Your reflection and my broken hearted me. You claim to love me, but you hurt me at the same time. You say you don’t need me but you want me. You say you don’t mean to but you love me. I try so hard to do the best I could.
I just can’t keep running . You say that we will remain friends, but I love you. You tell me not to take it personal, but I do.
You show up uninvited just to change my mind. Funny how everything change, so many mixed signals you give me. But I love you.
You claim the time is wrong. You intoxicate me with your love, my love is blown away. Although it hurts, i can’t help it, but to love you.
I’ve been through worst then you, but your…

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