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sea sunset

She stepped into the surf, skirts gripping her legs in a fatal embrace like the problems that overwhelmed her. They say drowning is one of the easier ways and this way no one need know. They’d put it down to youthful recklessness, ignorance of the underlying rip tides.
Stepping deeper she looked out over the endless ocean, the waves beating timeless rhythms against her chest. Death embraced her in its folds encompassing her in comforting swells. The sun was setting, like her life. She paused to take in the blood red of its reflection as it painted bands of pink on a cerulean sky.
It had a beauty all its own. Troubles and torments melted away as she stood face to face with infinity. What lay beyond? She knew the landscape. Beyond the rolling Pacific waves lay tiny islands of hope and a whole unexplored continent, the mysteries of the…

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  1. mihrank says:

    Great Blog to share!!

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