A Cry for Peace: What Did We Do Wrong?

Stepping Out with an Agoraphobic

Cry For Peace

Laughter is one of the great joys of life. But it’s hard to laugh when so many people are suffering. The world cannot exist solely on jokes. I do not feel like being funny today.

A person is molded by their experiences, by their family and friends and upbringing. I also believe that the culture of the times shapes us. Although my birth coincided with the birth of Rock and Roll, something for which I am forever grateful, I would have to say that the 60’s was the decade that affected my personality the most.

The 60’s was a turbulent, violent time. The Middle East was a hotbed of conflict; and wars could be found at many places across the globe. The Cold War was at its apex, nearly brining up to the brink of nuclear conflict. And people fought for equal rights, decency and fairness. Does this sound familiar?

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Forgiveness, Flowers, and Fire, Oh My



This is the text of a forgiveness meditation by Jack Kornfield and it is so excellent. One of the things I’m working on to reduce my migraine intensity is how I relate to anger and difficult emotions. Metta meditation has been helpful, but this really is excellent. Jack address the need to forgive the pain and suffering I have caused others and myself as well as the pain and suffering others have caused me. The text is written over a few variations of stencils that my friend Sarah loaned me as part of the book “Stencil Me In” by Marthe Le Van. The stencils in the book are fabulous. The skulls from last week are from this book as are the poppies, below.


This was a busy day. We got another organic fruit share – blueberries! Much easier to freeze than cherries. I made a couple dozen muffins for family…

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