Time to Heal

Many of you know that my health has its ups and downs.  Today is kind of ‘down’.   Added to this, I look out at this Earth and see all the pain in the world, and I think we can all use some healing.


Please remember to always take time for yourself.  This is just as important as taking care of the world around you, because Peace and Healing must start with you.




13 thoughts on “Time to Heal

  1. I hope you are wrapped in healing warmth and feel better soon Barbara! ♥

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That is excellent advice and I hope you are taking it. Be well, Barbara. Hugs to you.

  3. When I saw the movie about Eva Mozes Kor, the Auschwitz survivor who has been a Mengele twin (“FORGIVING MENGELE”) and who makes a practice of forgiveness, I knew I had found someone who understands what I mean by forgiving everyone and everything…Forgiveness is not finally for the forgiven, not for the wrong-doer, whomever he or she is, but for the person who does the forgiving, for self-healing. I did not know of Kor when I wrote this poem, which you may or may not have seen on my blog, but I hope you will allow me to post it here, just for you (in case you have not seen it). I do not do a lot of self-promoting but I so love and agree with the sentiments on your blog that I think it should fit right in.


    to begin
    and there is so much to forgive:
    for one, your parents, one and two,
    out of whose dim haphazard coupling
    you sprang forth roaring, indignantly alive.
    For this, whatever else followed,
    innocent and guilty, forgive them.
    If it is day, forgive the sun
    its white radiance blinding the eye;
    forgive also the moon for dragging the tides,
    for her secrets, her half heart of darkness;
    whatever the season, forgive it its various
    assaults — floods, gales, storms
    of ice — and forgive its changing;
    for its vanishing act, stealing what you love
    and what you hate, indifferent,
    forgive time; and likewise forgive its fickle
    consort, memory, which fades
    the photographs of all you can’t remember;
    forgive forgetting, which is chaste
    and kinder than you know;
    forgive your age and the age you were
    when happiness was afire in your blood
    and joy sang hymns in the trees;
    forgive, too, those trees, which have died;
    and forgive death for taking them,
    inexorable as God; then forgive God
    His terrible grandeur, His unspeakable
    Name; forgive, too, the poor devil
    for a celestial fall no worse than your own.
    When you have forgiven whatever is of earth,
    of sky, of water, whatever is named,
    whatever remains nameless,
    forgive, finally, your own sorry self,
    clothed in temporary flesh,
    the breath and blood of you
    already dying.
    Dying, forgiven, now you begin.

    by Pamela Spiro Wagner

    Peace, Love, and Namaste back to you.

    • It is beautiful and I have printed. I won’t use it but I would like to be able to reread it when I need to. Thank you for sharing this with me. I had never though of forgiveness on this huge of a scale. Thank you for giving me this. I forgive all the time, but I have not ever thought of forgiveness like this. I hope we get to know each other much better. Namaste, Barbara

  4. RoSy says:

    Take it easy & take care of yourself Barbara.
    Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers to be well.

  5. Dr. Rex says:

    Be well. Sending bright light & healing energy!

  6. inavukic says:

    Very important to take care of ourselves. Wishing you Barbara a restful pause, energy of healing and peace. Hugs, Ina

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