2 thoughts on “America becoming ‘like’ Nazi Germany -read the truth

  1. moorbey says:

    Truth be told myself and many of our political prisonerz black and white have been speaking thiz same truth 4 tha past 15-20 yearz and very few people would listen especially many of my caucasian brotherz and sisterz.. Panther Love

    • My dear friend, I feel that the energy in the world is similar to that of the world before the Great War…WWI. Violence and bigotry and racism will not make it better. Only compassion, love, peace, kindness and empathy will change anything. It takes much more determination and passion to take the pacifist way. But we may be too far done the wrong fork in the road. I so love your comments and articles because they keep my thinking balanced and totally inclusive. I have studied Nazi Germany a lot and I am scared for the millions of people not considered “mainstream”. But we must keep our eyes on the prize of the kind of world we know we must have. Hugs, Barbara

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