The Narcissist Stalker: Missing You or Mentally Unstable?

Interesting blog. Congrations. Hugs, Barbara

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


We’ve all been there.  We try to end the relationship with our Narcissistic partner, and suddenly they bombard us with loving texts and emails, and/or show up at our social events or place of employment.  It’s like the high school boyfriend – on steroids.

For those who haven’t experienced these kinds of behavior before, the differences between (feigned) affection and mental instability can be blurred.  In fact, under the influence of the Narcissist, we often come loose at the seams and their psychopathic behaviors don’t seem so bad, after all.  This is frightening in itself because it’s a sign that we are losing the capacity for logical thought.

See how he loves and misses me so deeply that he can’t go a minute without me?

I invite you to come out of the crazy-making, victim peptide-induced haze and see what’s going on.  Think back to your past relationships and…

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2 thoughts on “The Narcissist Stalker: Missing You or Mentally Unstable?

  1. inavukic says:

    A good lesson in this one!

  2. Kim Saeed says:

    Thanks for the re-blog, Barbara!

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