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beatles7From screaming fans to scoffing critics to worried parents, the world might not have been ready for The BeaTles, but there they were.

50 years ago The BeaTles stepped onto North American soil and into the history books and hearts of millions.

Crashing in on the first wave of the British Invasion of North America, Beatlemania was just the edge of what they had in store.

Their diverse techniques and elements ensured that The BeaTles music appealed to wide audiences.beatles3

Songs that ranged from mindless love songs to pop hits to anthems of a generation looking for change, with a few quirky bits thrown in to remember just how much fun they must have been having, recreationally.

The music was driven by whatever they were thinking and doing, crunching in novel ideas and technologies.beatles1The band played with mediums, expressions, and thoughts like children enthusiastically playing with Christmas morning…

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  1. inavukic says:

    Ah, memories: 1964, Sydney Australia. Was a teenager with parents who didn’t let their daughters go to concerts hahaha thought of a plan, said was going to girlfriends place to do homework, went to Beatles concert! AMAZING! SCREAMED MY LUNGS OUT IN JOY 😀 Parents were none the wiser and li’l Ina in utter happiness 😀

  2. D. Parker says:

    Thanks for the reblog Barbara. Hugs, Donna. 🙂

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