Nepali women workers exploited in Bahrain, Kuwait

Disenfranchised people in our world.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called ‘Gasoline kills West’s concern over abuses in Bahrain‘.

From República in Nepal:

Ex-migrant workers shudder at thought of Gulf predators


KATHMANDU, Jan 23: Nita Tamang from Sindhupalchowk district worked in Bahrain for two years. When she came back to Nepal three years ago, Rs 10,000 was all she had earned.

Apart from the amount, Tamang had brought back something else, too, with her – a harrowing experience of abuse and exploitation, which she, however, “treasures as it keeps inspiring her to work hard in her own land!”

“After returning home, I have started my own small business. I have not been able to really scale it up so far. Nonetheless, I will never think of leaving the country again for overseas job,” said Tamang, who owns a fancy stall at popular ‘Rudra Market’ in Kalanki chowk.

Her master and mistress…

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