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Winter 2014; crushing ice and cold

Winter 2014; crushing ice and cold

As many of my wonderful readers know I have been very ill since Christmas morning. I was in the hospital and home since. The cold is -40 degrees here today, wind chill. Frost bite can start in five minutes. I was listening to a debate about our climate on Mother Earth. Global warming took a vacation? I don’t know the answer to the question. I do know we are losing the ice at the North Pole while Antartica is gaining in the amount of ice it has. Which is why ice cutter ships are getting stuck. Now America is sending an ice cutter to free the other ships. I hope they can. I can’t imagine being in that kind of cold that these men and women on the ice cutters are enduring. That is heroism and I hope the world tells them how wonderful they are.

I can’t seem to get well. I am not as sick as I was and I have seemed to have reached a plateau and remain racked with coughs, phlegm and exhaustion. I have decided that the weather is not helping me to get well and I know there are many others who are facing the same dilemma. Medications can only do so much so what do we do? Well we do what we can to heal ourselves. Tea with lemon, chicken soup, allowing your body to get rest, wearing a mask when you go outside in the terrible weather and homeopathic remedies and affirmations. We can build the bridge between traditional remedies and alternative remedies. They can work together.

Ice and snow at the beach. It can get very bitter yet amazingly beautiful.

Ice and snow at the beach. It can get very bitter yet amazingly beautiful.

Healing the mind and body with medicine, affirmations, and intuition is entering the mainstream more and more. The last thirty years have seen a gradual acceptance of the alternative methods of healing that have been used to heal for thousands of years. Traditional Western medicine and alternative remedies are more and more being accepted. So how can they help us? The human body is an amazing machine. When I was in nursing school, I was blown away by what the body can manage to do to heal itself.  But it requires maintenance and care to run as efficiently as possible.

We know that anger makes muscles clamp down and blood vessels constrict, leading to hypertension and resistance to blood flow. Cardiac medicine has shown us that joy and love tend to have to opposite effect. When fear is your dominant mood over a long period of time, the constant release of stress hormones, specifically cortisol, triggers a domino effect of chemicals that lead to heart disease, weight gain, and depression. To completely heal our bodies, we must bring our attention to our bodies and what they are telling us. It is so easy to forget this and to just depend on what the doctors can do. We need logic and facts to fully understand which imbalances in our lifestyle are affecting our health.

There are affirmations which I use to help my body to function as it is supposed to and to help it to heal itself. I am going to share a few of them with you to ignore or try out. They have helped in the past along with Western medicine, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies.

My purpose is to learn to love unconditionally.

I accept all of me.

I’m creating lots of room for love.

I release the need to be perfect.

I release the need to dwell in resentment.

I am the responsible power in my life.

I also suggest looking into a mirror. Really looking yourself in the eyes. I say. I love you. You are a child of the Universe. You are on the way back to health. You are a finely working machine. I am loved and I love others. I have good self-esteem and I am safe. Try it and go and see your doctor but say your affirmations.  Be good to yourself and remember to love yourself back into health. Make sure your inner dialogue is kind and loving  Here is to a healthy 2014 for all of us

Ice and snow is covering the northern face of Mother Earth. But the wheel of the year is turning and spring will be on its way.

Ice and snow is covering the northern face of Mother Earth. But the wheel of the year is turning and spring will be on its way.

Ancient Neanderthals, new research

We may have intermixed with other early humans. See what you think

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Svante Pääbo: DNA clues to our inner Neanderthal

30 Aug 2011

Sharing the results of a massive, worldwide study, geneticist Svante Pääbo shows the DNA proof that early humans mated with Neanderthals after we moved out of Africa. (Yes, many of us have Neanderthal DNA.) He also shows how a tiny bone from a baby finger was enough to identify a whole new humanoid species.

By Matthew MacEgan:

The genetic legacy of the Neanderthals

6 January 2014

New research published in a recent issue of Nature presents the sequencing of the entire genome of a Neanderthal woman who lived in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia over 50,000 years ago. The data gathered from this study, along with another published study regarding the genome sequencing of a Denisovan hominin, a related group of humans who lived side by side with Neanderthals during…

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Lesson On Bullying

This is a very good way to teach your children the consequences of bullying.

Parent Rap

Children know what it feels like to be bullied, but how do you explain what happens inside the person who is being bullied in terms a child can understand.

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | January 4, 2014

A friend and elementary school principal in North Carolina posted this short lesson in Facebook for parents and teachers on bullying. I especially like the lesson because it can also apply to parent-on-child bullying with the same results. There is no source cited but I am sharing it because the lesson is easily understood by children – and parents.

A Lesson On Bullying

Author Unknown

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stamp on it and really mess it up but do not rip it…

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