Barbra Streisand


Barbra Streisand has always been a role model to me. She is an independent woman who fought her way into the music business. She had people who didn’t like this strong, confident woman. But many of us thought she was terrific and still do. She was a woman who knew what she wanted but she wasn’t a classic Hollywood beauty. She was Jewish and her nose was bigger many movie producers and record companies thought she wasn’t pretty enough for the entertainment industry. She never hid who she was, she just sang like a nightingale and acted with great talent. She has been a mother and is now once again a wife. She is married to James Brolin. She has always been private yet not hiding who she was and wanted she wanted to accomplish. Then she accomplished it with style and dignity.


Don’t be a vulture’s diet

A quick warning to enlighten the public. Hugs, Barbara

musings from a musical mind


It’s a sick pic, I know. Sicker still is my gut after hearing how  a well trained “sales rep” got all of the personal information out of a student with their “I want to help you” tactic, and then had them sign away,online no less, their life.  Bad enough  what the loan rates are today, far different then when I was a student.  Now there are loan sharks adding more fees just to guide students on how to pay them back.   At an initial sign up fee of $1,400  and a processing fee of $50.00 for them to send in the payment every month but till when?I can’t find all the information on their site it say’s ” call”. What I have researched and found on other links are many  disgruntled clients, even some who say their loans were not even paid back ,the lenders did not except…

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