The Opting to be a Responsible Human Being

From my heart to yours.



Opting to matter means affirming your rights  and responsibilities as a conscious, righteous human being. We opt to matter irrespective of the fact that life stands squarely in the way of our ability to matter. When creative people try to throw up their hands and resign themselves to accepting postmodern meaningless and the illusory nature of meaning, they find that they can’t.


From the time I was a tiny child, yes, it was a while ago, I tried to find meaning and beauty in life. There wasn’t a lot of beauty in my childhood, so I had to resolve to find and/or make beauty. I also wanted to be sure this was all real and I wanted to make a difference in the world. Meaning is the thing that most creative people need to find and create. It is what drove me to begin photography. I used my photos to determine what was real. I would study those early photos and look to see if my lens caught what I remembered. Was it real? At other times, I would stick my head out of a window and scream to see if I was real. I have over the years come to grips with the fact that there is reality here but there is the unreal waiting to be created. Now, when I paint or do photography, it is with a confident belief that I am creating beauty and meaning.


In our hearts, we opt for life, to use the years we are given to make the biggest changes and to create what is within me. “To understand life, we must contrast it with death.”  Often for creative people, we say; while I am alive I can love or while I am alive, I can learn a few more things. For me I say, if I am alive, I can show peace to someone and give someone some beauty in their lives. I no longer ask if I am real, I say “I am real.” Since I am real, I can create. From my blog, to a homemade 3-layer cake to my photos and my painting.


From my heart to yours.


As creative people, it is imperative that we create. Life is flat and grey without that mixture within that enables us to stand in front of a blank canvas, or a blank computer screen, or walking around with a camera in hand looking for something that speaks to you. Some things will speak to you and some will not. But those faces, those moments are what keep us real and authentic. Find your meaning and you will find your art, whatever it is, blossoming and become the color and fragrance within your soul. Even if no one likes your work, you have taken nothing and made something out of that and that is a gift. So don’t let any one voice or review stop you. You were born to create, so do it with all the joy you have inside. You are unique! You are like a star in the night sky, so shimmer and shine and radiate everything within you!


Be all you can possibly be every day of your life.

Be all you can possibly be every day of your life.


Bahraini international footballer gets ten years jail in show trial

In Bahrain, doctors are on trial for following their oath.

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This video says about itself:

Bahrain Backlash: Doctors on trial for helping protesters

Amid ongoing unrest in Bahrain, the regime’s cracking down on non-violent protesters, as well as people who’ve been helping them. A group of doctors are on trial, after treating wounded anti-government demonstrators last year. RT’s Paula Slier has the latest.

Correspondent with Global Research Finian Cunningham was in Bahrain and witnessed some of the doctors treating the wounded during the crackdown. He thinks the Bahraini regime is persecuting the medics to keep them from telling the truth.

From Associated Press:

Bahrain sentences soccer player to 10 years prison

January 7

MANAMA, Bahrain — The defense lawyer of a player for Bahrain’s national soccer team says his client has been sentenced along with eight others to 10 years in prison on charges of burning a police station.

Lawyer Mohamed el-Motawa says the nine were also found guilty…

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