To Find your Artistic Voice

Reblogging this one from last January, because I am not feeling all that well today.

The thing about creativity is that it is a gift that makes many of us artists Artistic life means we look at the world differently than some others do. We look at the same days in a week and we see very different experiences.Things just seem to feel, smell, look different to us. For writers, photographers, painters, designers, musicians and all other type of artists there is an extra special something. I don’t know anyone who can give it a name that fits all types of art, but it is as real as a sunrise or the North Star on a black, black night.

There is no greater glory than to work hard for what you love most. Even the seemingly ugly elements of nature are adorned with beauty. Be patient with those struggling to find their artistic voice.The artist who is frustrated and working hard doesn’t seem reasonable. If you find yourself in this place work on grace in your work.

As artists, we know that ultimately we will never fully understand all of the work we create. If we can’t understand it, there will be many who can tell in great detail what we were saying, but few of them even have a clue.

The more we use our artistic voice, the closer we become to artistic purity. What is pure for me as a painter or photographer may look like soot to someone else. But we know we have create purity. Even death cannot take it away from you. Don’t let obstacles interfere with your work. Raise your voice and let all of that purity out.

                                                                                                                          Bob Marley lived his life with love and freedom

Love is important here. It seems to belong to every aspect of living. Love yourself first and others that share your lifethat are part of your world. This love is what conquers;  that blankets your artistic voice. So love is like the right lens, mixing the right color, singing your best aria, writing your best, playing the best viola you can or playing the best guitar riff you can.  Exercise love and you will uncover your voice.

                                                                                                                                                         Winter wonderland

My best thought on artistic voice is to communicate. And keep communicating until someone begins to hear and see you and your work. At the point of life where you can identify what you believe, then you will evolve with every note, click of the camera, brush stroke, pen stroke, or song that fills the air. As you evolve, your artistic voice becomes stronger and louder and more self-fulfilling. So love yourself, create all you can and bring all of that positive beauty and magic into this world. Each time you create, you help to get rid of some of the negativity in the world..

                                                                                     Sculpture on cruise ship. Photograph by Barbara Mattio and copyrighted 2013

Guest Author David “Davey” Robert Jones

This is a very good blog.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Davey R Jones

When I was a child, I almost lost my hearing. To this day I don’t fully grasp what I lost but I’m obsessed with sounds and I try to capture them and dissect them with my pen. In the process I became a writer. I’ve already written three poetry collections (A Manual on the Human Condition; Merika, Love Poems; and Songs for Ascent) that wrestle with my own attempt to understand myself, U.S. culture, and God respectively. Even more than that, each book struggles to capture the essence of sounds humans rely on to express themselves—not the vocabulary that we flaunt to distract from our vulnerabilities, but the words we whisper to our hearts like fathoming the waves to gauge the depths of the aching.

When I don’t write, I dabble with bonsai, perform ridiculous and life-threatening stunts to entertain my newborn son, practice my Spanish…

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When the Devils Danced and Fairies Cried

Life in India today.

Views Splash!

2013 – An year of the unforgettables.

As it comes to an end and I try to reminisce the rights and the wrongs, the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows, the heartaches and some not, the pains and pleasures – I stand ready to be emptied and filled again, like clay ready to mold, like water waiting to be filled in a jar.

Its been that kind of year. I am so depressingly filled with negative feelings that I wish I can be recreated, from scratch – born again to live free and then die again with no regrets. They are bursting to come out. Right people need to know but how will it reflect upon me? Will I stand vindicated? My experience says – No.

So, forget? I Can’t. Tried that too many times and lost.

So, do what? Quit.  I should seek my own space. But that…

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Thoughts on Yo Yo

He got it. Every bit of what makes the performance shine.


This morning, as I traded written words with God, my thoughts turned to acclaimed cellist, Yo Yo Ma. Below is an excerpt.

I forgot about Yo Yo Ma. I was going to write about Yo Yo Ma. Apparently, I’m not enough of a musical nerd to have heard his stuff before, but we watched one of his live performances on New Years Eve. Holy crap. That’s about all you can say when you see a guy like Yo Yo Ma doing his thing – holy crap.
It’s not his talent that has me so dumbstruck – though his talent is staggering. It’s his PASSION. No, passion isn’t quite the word. He’s obviously a passionate man, but that’s not quite as unusual as the abandonment to holy pleasure so evident on his face. His expression when he plays the cello – it’s crazy, but I swear it’s like a man making…

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