Inspiration is a precious commodity in our world. Maysoon Zayid is a young woman who exudes inspiration. Life is always full of ups and downs. When we are in a valley, often we feel insecure or a lack of confidence. Often these dips are small in the big picture. It is hard to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off and not take the obstacle personally. It is hard to stay positive all the time and we need to put negative thoughts and feelings aside because they can destroy everything we built up. Back in the day, when my life got tough, I would look at my patients or my clients at the Domestic Violence shelter and realize that yes, things had been bad, but I needed to focus on the people around me who were carrying much more than I was.

I wasn’t hearing voices or living in violence. I had my health and I was intelligent. How could I complain? But human nature tends to want to feel sorry for itself. The truth is we need to fight these negatives and it takes strength. This young woman has real grit, she is brave in capital letters. These days people are so mean to each other, kids bully the vulnerable among them. Our busy schedules make some people short tempered and susceptible to negativity.

Keep your heart open and ready to give and receive love no matter where you are in life. You may be having the worst day you have ever have had, but there is someone out there who is having  the same kind of day. The difference is  it is a better day for them. When I watched this video all I could think about was her total charm and positive emotions. Is she like this all of the time? Probably not. She is human and will have days when she can’t put it together. But she won’t give up. She will work through the negativity and rise up again like  a phoenix.

This is what we need to do. We need to stay in the positive spaces in our lives. We need to forgive ourselves when we hit a bad patch and everything feels negative. We need to learn to meditate and be in the present moment. We need to breath and stay calm.We need to let go of the things that bring us down. If you can’t manage this today, it is all right. You will do it when you can. But take this inspiration and tuck it away in your heart and it will be there when you need it. Life is good.

The ecstasy of chanting

The ecstasy of chanting


Amidst Rage, Love.

This is a very important blog. I think interracial relationships are fine if the two people respect each other and are equal partners. Hugs, Barbara

Archaic Sugar

Yesterday, while at the laundry matt a show came on television where Golden Globe Nominees were being interviewed. I half way paid attention for reasons I should probably tackle in another blog, but, Tia and Tamera Mowry were going to be interviewed.

I paused to draw near  the television, to hear Tamera tearfully lay out criticism she has been receiving for her interracial marriage (pretty candid interview).


The irony  still renders me silent for a moment.

Tamera is a product of an interracial marriage herself. Still, she told of people calling her a white man’s whore, cheap, spewing hate at her for her marriage. She cried as she talked.

Thing is, some years ago, I dated a very light skinned Latin gentleman and got a similar thing. I got nasty looks from both Latin and white women, and black men who’d say things, just low enough to be heard…

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