When Good People Do Nothing: The Appalling Story of South Carolina’z Prisonz

I agree that this is a horrible problem. I used to be a psych nurse. Training is needed and mentally ill inmates should not be with the main prison population. S.C. Money must be spent as it is on any ill person. Mental illness is just that an illness. Great blog.

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A judge’s order in an inmate abuse case highlights the role played, or not played, by the state’s political and legal infrastructure.



In two months, America will observe the 50th anniversary of one of its most dubious moments. On March 13, 1964, Catherine “Kitty” Genovese was brutally murdered in Queens, New York. What made her case infamouslegendary, even—was that nobody responded to her cries for help. “Please help me, please help me!” she cried, over and over, and at least 38 people in her neighborhood who heard those cries did nothing to help her. They did not call the police. They did not come to comfort her. They did not, they later said, want to get involved. “When good people do nothing” is a timeless moral question (Preview) , indeed.

One could say the…

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2 thoughts on “When Good People Do Nothing: The Appalling Story of South Carolina’z Prisonz

  1. You’re right. Prison is not the right place for people with mental health conditions to be detained. Worse possible place in fact. Hopefully the SC government will administer some kind of change.


    • We can hope and pray. I was a psych nurse in the 70’s. We basically opened up the mental hospitals and told them to get out. This was when medicine stopped being a world of compassion and caring and became a sacred cow for business. Hugs, Barbara

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