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The wonderful, generous Dr. Rex nominated me for this wonderful award:


Her blog is wonderfully informative and uplifting and I recommend it to all!

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~~Seven things about me:

  1. My very favorite place in the world is the French Quarter, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  2. I love to sing, but I have been to so many rock concerts and major league baseball games where I’ve yelled a lot, that I can no longer carry a tune
  3. Reading is one of my favorite things to do in life
  4. I used to cross-country ski and play racquetball
  5. I collect hand-blown glass, ranging from local artists, to Murano glass.  I have a pretty large collection of hand-blown glass marbles which I treasure
  6. I am living proof that you can take the woman out of Rock’n’Roll, but you cannot take the Rock’n’Roll out of the woman!
  7. I am looking forward to visiting the garden centers as soon as it starts to warm up.  We have great ones here!

I hereby nominate:

  1. Kerry  C. Mitchell
  2. Oldpoet56
  3. Sheryl
  4. Mooreby
  5. Tersiaburger
  6. Viewsplash
  7. Ted Ross Savage
  8. Jenny Cecilia
  9. RoSy
  10. Gator Woman

Not So, Not So

Images of the Divine

God is a spirit, a mystery beyond human understanding, and therefore we can only approach that mystery through metaphor. Four metaphors come, of course, from human and cultural understandings of the good, the loving, the just. The problem is that in the formulation of the religious metaphor we live by, women’s experience has once again been largely discounted. God has been king, prince, lord, father, conqueror, judge.
–Marilyn Sewell, in Cries of the Spirit, A Celebration of Women’s Spirituality.

I cannot walk an inch
without trying to walk to God
I cannot move a finger
without trying to touch God.
Perhaps it is this way
He is in the graves of the horses.
He is in the swarm, the frenzy of the bees.
He is in the tailor mending my pansuit
He is in Boston, raised up by the skycrapers
He is in the bird, that shameless flyer
He is in the potter who makes clay into a kiss

Heaven Replies

Not so! Not so!

I say thus and thus
and heaven smashes my words

Is not God in the hiss of the river?

Not so! Not so!

Is not God in the ant heap,
stepping, clutching, dying, being born?

Not so! Not so!

Where then?
I cannot move an inch

Look to your heart
that flutters in and out like a moth
God is not indifferent to your need
You have a thousand prayers
but God has one.

—Anne Sexton


                                                                                                    Female face and hood in Leather.

Blessed be the Night

Twilight is a time for sharing — and a time for

remembering — sharing the fragrance of the

cooling earth — the shadows of the gathering

dusk —

Here our two worlds meet and pass — the

frantic sounds of man grow dimmer as the light

recedes — the unhurried rhythm of the other

world swells in volume as the darkness


It is not strange that discord has

no place in this great symphony of sound

it is not strange that a sense

of peace descends upon all living things

it is not strange that

memories burn more brightly — as the things of

substance lose their line and form in the softness

of the dark

Twilight is a time for sharing — and a

time for remembering — remembering the things of

beauty wasted by our careless hands — our frequent

disregard of other living things–the many songs

unheard because we would not listen

Listen tonight with all the

wisdom of  your spirit–listen too with

all the compassion of your heart–

lest there come another night

when there is only silence

A great




–Winston Abbott

The world around us is beautifully filled with the richness of nature which is a gift from the goddess/god. The world is also full of the various forms of art which artists have created over the millennia.  We create beauty and music and writings that uplift humans, that enhance our journey in this life. Your poem might be what keeps a soul firmly in this life. Your sculpture may make a heart open up. Your music may help a couple find love in their lives. Our writings may allow people to find ways to make the changes in their lives and their world. The garden you create might give a person who walks by it a smile on a very terrible day. Photographers can capture a moment in life and immortalize it. The photograph may be beautiful or ugly or reality. All of these can change the world. Your painting may help a person you care about to remember a happy experience in life.  A painting can help someone to see life through different eyes and change their perspective forever.

There is much that makes the gift of Mother Earth ugly.  There is much that keeps it a mystery, and much that makes it a thrill and a joy. Stand up and work to change the things you feel are unjust, hypocritical and bigoted. If you are an artist you could use some of your art to change your world and the world at large. Don’t become discouraged, you are a unique creation of the Beloved. And as such you are a child of the Universe.


Letting go …. how to feel less pain!

Well done.

It Is What It Is


~~January 11, 2014~~

There comes time in your life when you find yourself at a crossroad ..

.. there’s a decision you have to make.

Do you venture out of the “mold/circumstances” that you have been in for so long or do you “go along with the current” where things are “comfortable” and “routine“?


“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.” ~Ajahn Chah

Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity. Perhaps this explains why we often hold onto our pain far beyond its ability to serve us.

We replay past mistakes over and over again in our head, allowing feelings of shame and regret to shape our actions in the present. We cling to frustration…

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United States soldiers kill Afghan four-year-old

This is sad. The Afghan people need to be able to live in their country without violence.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

10 Jan 2014

A four-year-old boy has been shot dead by US soldiers in Afghanistan. The troops opened fire on the toddler, after mistaking him for an enemy due to poor visibility. The latest incident comes amid the further straining of ties between the US and Afghanistan. For more on what awaits Afghanistan after foreign troops leave in 2014 we’re now joined by Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Williams, former commander of the Special Air Service.

By Bill Van Auken in the USA:

US troops kill Afghan four-year-old

11 January 2014

Afghan officials Friday condemned the killing of a four-year-old child by US Marines in the country’s southern Helmand province after he was reportedly mistaken for the “enemy.”

“We have called…for an absolute end to ISAF/NATO military operations on homes and villages in order to avoid such killings where innocent children or civilians are the victims

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November 30, 2013, Posting from Lara, my daughter who is teaching in Togo, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer

This is so great!

Footprints of Thoughts

1-14476_10151611011141819_1137617227_n3 months in Sagbiebou

It’s almost December 12th, which marks 6 months here in the wonderful, lizard-abundant Togo.

The past three months I’ve been in my new home, Sagbiebou. Sagbiebou is a small village in Northern Togo home to roughly 4,000 people. The village was founded around 15 years ago, so it is relatively new and, thus, quite diverse. The two main groups are the Gam-Gams and the Anufo; however, each day I hear a new language – be it Wobi or Ewe or any of the other 72 languages found in the country.

The initial month at post was difficult to say the least. The Peace Corps dropped me off at my doorstep with my mattress, stove, and bags…and I immediately lost all confidence whatsoever. My French was tragic and I had barely grasped any Anufo or Gam-Gam. Walking outside of my compound became my daily challenge; making friends…

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GOP ‘Obsessed’ with Abortion

Really? Jobs, budgets, immigrants. They are worrying about an act that is legal? Quite trying to controls women’s bodies. Peace, Barbara

Nel's New Day

Just because the U.S. Congress is not enacting much legislation doesn’t mean that state legislators aren’t working. The problem with the GOP-run states, however, is that they’re all working against women.  During the past three years, state legislators in GOP-controlled states enacted 205 laws to restrict reproductive rights for women, more than the previous decade when states passed just 189 abortion restrictions.

The top year was 2011 with 93 anti-choice laws. Things looked a bit better for women in the next year with “only” 42 laws, but the number climbed to 70 in 2013. That increase came from just a few states that passed 26 of these bills: North Dakota, Texas, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

graph abortion restrictions

 Almost half of the abortion restrictions enacted since 2011 fall into four categories: targeted restrictions on abortion providers (TRAP), limitations on insurance coverage of abortion, 20-week abortion bans, and restrictions for medication abortion. States have…

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Poetry and something new…

Some very nice poetry.


Hey everyone!

Like I was telling you yesterday, I am trying something new…

I love to write, I love to make photo’s and edit them, but I don’t like modeling that much because, well, I am not a model! Lol 🙂

So, I thought I could maybe combine my poetry with something else every once in a while.

Like I wrote in my post about Jullian’s blog earlier, I adore Anime/ Manga.

It’s an awesome form of art because you can capture an emotion with very few lines.

And I thought it would be cool to try it out myself! 🙂

So, this is my first anime drawing EVER and I combined it with a poem I wrote.

Before I edited with the poem, it was in color. But on second thought, I didn’t like the technique used, so I made it black and white.

I am very curious to hear…

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