Not So, Not So

Images of the Divine

God is a spirit, a mystery beyond human understanding, and therefore we can only approach that mystery through metaphor. Four metaphors come, of course, from human and cultural understandings of the good, the loving, the just. The problem is that in the formulation of the religious metaphor we live by, women’s experience has once again been largely discounted. God has been king, prince, lord, father, conqueror, judge.
–Marilyn Sewell, in Cries of the Spirit, A Celebration of Women’s Spirituality.

I cannot walk an inch
without trying to walk to God
I cannot move a finger
without trying to touch God.
Perhaps it is this way
He is in the graves of the horses.
He is in the swarm, the frenzy of the bees.
He is in the tailor mending my pansuit
He is in Boston, raised up by the skycrapers
He is in the bird, that shameless flyer
He is in the potter who makes clay into a kiss

Heaven Replies

Not so! Not so!

I say thus and thus
and heaven smashes my words

Is not God in the hiss of the river?

Not so! Not so!

Is not God in the ant heap,
stepping, clutching, dying, being born?

Not so! Not so!

Where then?
I cannot move an inch

Look to your heart
that flutters in and out like a moth
God is not indifferent to your need
You have a thousand prayers
but God has one.

—Anne Sexton


                                                                                                    Female face and hood in Leather.

Blessed be the Night

Twilight is a time for sharing — and a time for

remembering — sharing the fragrance of the

cooling earth — the shadows of the gathering

dusk —

Here our two worlds meet and pass — the

frantic sounds of man grow dimmer as the light

recedes — the unhurried rhythm of the other

world swells in volume as the darkness


It is not strange that discord has

no place in this great symphony of sound

it is not strange that a sense

of peace descends upon all living things

it is not strange that

memories burn more brightly — as the things of

substance lose their line and form in the softness

of the dark

Twilight is a time for sharing — and a

time for remembering — remembering the things of

beauty wasted by our careless hands — our frequent

disregard of other living things–the many songs

unheard because we would not listen

Listen tonight with all the

wisdom of  your spirit–listen too with

all the compassion of your heart–

lest there come another night

when there is only silence

A great




–Winston Abbott

The world around us is beautifully filled with the richness of nature which is a gift from the goddess/god. The world is also full of the various forms of art which artists have created over the millennia.  We create beauty and music and writings that uplift humans, that enhance our journey in this life. Your poem might be what keeps a soul firmly in this life. Your sculpture may make a heart open up. Your music may help a couple find love in their lives. Our writings may allow people to find ways to make the changes in their lives and their world. The garden you create might give a person who walks by it a smile on a very terrible day. Photographers can capture a moment in life and immortalize it. The photograph may be beautiful or ugly or reality. All of these can change the world. Your painting may help a person you care about to remember a happy experience in life.  A painting can help someone to see life through different eyes and change their perspective forever.

There is much that makes the gift of Mother Earth ugly.  There is much that keeps it a mystery, and much that makes it a thrill and a joy. Stand up and work to change the things you feel are unjust, hypocritical and bigoted. If you are an artist you could use some of your art to change your world and the world at large. Don’t become discouraged, you are a unique creation of the Beloved. And as such you are a child of the Universe.


5 thoughts on “Not So, Not So

  1. inavukic says:

    Nice post Barbara and if we don’t stand up we will fall. Here’s to your standing up and making a difference!

  2. colonialist says:

    Is it not ridiculous that humans have to swing one way or the other. In earlier times the mother was acknowledged as the god force and there were goddesses or the one supreme goddess. Then the era of masculine domination came in with indoctrination insisting that the main gods or the one supreme god were male.
    Surely, in these times, to ascribe any gender to God is contrary to logic?

    • Yes you are right. We have let the Patriarchy totally deny the feminine side of god. This has led to power and dominance, and war and useless violence. We lost our balance and our way. Very god blog. Hugs, Barbara.

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