A Wonderful Use For Botany And Entomology-Part 1

Nice story


When I was given the news, or as my wife worded it, reminded of what I supposedly already knew, I laughed, thinking it was all part of a practical joke. But Maxine’s crossed arms and cold stare quickly reminded me she was not exactly what one would call a “stand-up comic,” this being no exception. She swore that I agreed with the plan. No way! If I were told of such an event I would have nipped it in the bud before even hearing the details. “You probably had one too many drinks that night,” she retorted, “and forgot.” Normally that could have been a possibility. She had pulled that little trick on me more than once to get what she wanted. I’m sorry, my wife can be such a Jezebel! But not in this case. No amount of alcohol would have sugar-coated this form of agonized torture. We were…

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