The Man Who Was Buddha

Sitting in meditation

Sitting in meditation

Buddha was a mortal being, He was a young prince who left his life of ease and a hefty inheritance. He wanted to find his own way in life. He began the journey of his life. A journey that would take him to enlightenment. His human heart and mind was as vulnerable as yours and mine. He gave up everything to find what his life lacked. I am sure in monetary terms, he lacked nothing.

Buddha is now considered an icon of peace and harmony, yet his mortal life was filled with all types of turmoil and love and loss. His journey changed the world forever,the truths he found along the way still influence people all around the world. He went from vagabond monk to an enlightenment for the world. Enlightenment has led many to find themselves and the true meaning of life.

Buddha’s enlightenment was a literal awakening to the fact that you can share in the depths of your own primordial awareness today just as Buddha did during his life. Buddha’s teachings after becoming enlightened engage all the aspects of people’s lives. ” Whoever sees me sees the teaching.” –Buddha. After his enlightenment, he was raised to the rank of immortal. Buddha literally became the truth.










7 thoughts on “The Man Who Was Buddha

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. Many years ago I read a wonderful book about his life, I wish now I could remember it.

  3. brendamarroy says:

    Good information. I have read quite a bit about the Buddha and I have formed the conclusion that he came to teach a way of life, not form a religion. I think this is why I admire him so much.

  4. What would he have thought of the religion that has evolved around his name. I think he would simply smile.

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