We need to Change This Fact

Comparisons of racism and slavery within the USA

I received this from a friend. The three maps show where there was slavery, racism in the 1950’s and currently. I was shocked so here I am again having my say. There is a movie coming out called Lincoln. I was able to go to see the sneak peak and it was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. It is also based upon the book, “ A Team of Rivals.” I am reading the book now.

Despite what people these days may think, Lincoln was not a really popular President. The Secret Service was started during his administration. He was walking alone one night and someone took a shot at him and there was a bullet hole in his stovepipe hat. I am very glad they missed.

He wrote and delivered the Emancipation Proclamation and he also got the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution written and passed by Congress. And then he was assassinated.  JFK worked for Civil Rights for the Black people in the 1960’s. They ended segregation and black people could use the same bathroom and go to the same schools. I remember the riots and lynchings. I am sure many others do also. He was also assassinated, but that wasn’t the only reason.

During the history of America, many people have died trying to stop slavery. There is a wonderful play called, “God and a Woman.” It is about Sojourner Truth and the Underground Railroad.

Please really look at these maps and understand what a sorry truth this is. We are a bigoted people and a bigoted nation. This nation is built on the concept of our being a melting pot. We are considered a Christian nation and yet where is the love that is supposed to be a driving force in our nation. What happened to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I thought the New Testament depicted Jesus Christ as a forgiving and accepting man. A man who walked in Jerusalem and taught people a kinder, more thoughtful and a more loving way to live.

Well, in case some people haven’t noticed, there is a lot of hatred and intolerance in our country. Someone looks, sounds, believes or loves differently and suddenly they are not good enough. They are less than fully human or American. Well, I just want to say that no matter who someone is, how much his family earns, what color they are, what music they listen to, what spiritual path they follow or who they love, they are my brothers and sisters.

We live in a country that says everyone is equal. That is so far from the truth. We are a nation of bigots and there is more hatred here than love. I love being an American. I come from immigrant roots. But I am not proud of what is happening to people in our country. Every time there is a hate crime, my heart breaks because this is the worst type of crime. It shows everyone that the perps have black hate filled hearts. Please take an inner journey and see what kind of an American you are. Perhaps it is time for you to change what you find inside.

President Abraham Lincoln.

21 thoughts on “We need to Change This Fact

  1. Karen Wan says:

    Barbara, I agree with you that there is harmful racism in America, and we must do what we can to end it and continue the sacred work of Lincoln in our time. Yet some of your words concern me.
    I don’t believe it’s fair to imply that all Republicans or red voters are bigots. To declare we are a bigoted nation assumes an omniscience to judge what is in every person’s heart and soul.
    This comparison is definitely thought provoking. It seems to imply that the U.S. has not made any civil rights progress over the last 150 years. I believe our country is evolving actually rather quickly compared to thousands of years of patriarchal tyranny. We are not perfect beings in a perfect union. This is not to say that I approve of bigotry or that I’m conservative.
    I have many friends and family who are Republicans, which is a challenge when you are as liberal as I am. They disagree with my liberal economic views and other policies, but they are not racial bigots. I know many people who are Democrats who have a different kind of bigotry against anyone who thinks differently than they do.
    It seems that both Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right are so intent on painting the other side as evil that it’s frustrating to see the gridlock that is happening in our country. I am not sure what will bridge the gap between the blue and the red states.
    Clearly, you are very passionate about this issue, but I wanted to share my response to what you have written as someone who considers herself an independent. I get frustrated when we allow ourselves to paint such a narrow view of the evolution of our country based on politics. I thought it would help you to get another perspective.

    • I hope my second blog clarified what I was saying. Again, I want to say that in my mind this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with human nature. By the way, Lincoln was a Republican.

  2. mountainmae says:

    Perhaps the underlying theme is a fear of people or ideas that are different from their own perspective. Reminds me of the importance of education- teaching how to think creatively. The challenge of our time is to forge a current way to be the United states.

  3. The polarization of our country into blue & red states is a political tactic meant only to divide which it has effectively done in many ways. We are being manipulated by politicians whose interests are not for the betterment of The US people! We are ” free thinkers” not sheep! I thought your post was not indicting anyone but rather imploring each of us to embrace our uniqueness. Tolerance and acceptance do not imply capitualation ! Thank you for expressing the need to love one another above all else. Sincerely Yours Nancy

    • Thank you. The polarization back-fired this time. Thank goodness. I believe you are right, they want us to be good little citizens-zombies if you will. When someone tells me what I should be thinking, my first response is to figure there is something funky here that I need to think about. My “rebel” status irritates family a lot, but I believe God put us here to use the grey matter we have. So here is to the thinkers!!

  4. nikkix2 says:

    Awesome post,,,I have always wondered about the racism that goes on down there in the states.

    • Thank you. Some people here still deny that racism still exists. While we do have a black President, it does exist and it has been a slow uphill climb.

      • jimcolv says:

        Slow, uphill is a more optimistic way of viewing the struggle. I’d much rather people be straight up about their prejudice than to be so vague and clandestine (ha, I said clan)…

  5. jimcolv says:

    Facts, schmacts… People in the US care not what the facts are anymore. We, as a populous, have become too much of an emotionally charged and scarred nation rather than one that was built on logic and sensibility. People have been fed this illusionary concept of an “American Dream” only to live each moment in fear as one would in a nightmare. That’s why they tell people to dream big and to continue to chase those dreams because as long as one is dreaming they will not be able to see what’s happening in reality.

    Any hoot, I. LOVED. THIS. POST…. You definitely have a new follower in me. I’m going to try to play catch-up out on your previous posts while I’m out here in Afghanistan truly supporting the troops (I’m an Army vet and now serve as an Instructor).

    • Jim, I appreciate your thoughts very much. I think some people are emotionally charged. Very illogical. I loved that you are reading me. I want to tell you that I am a pacifist, but I do honor the sacrifice and choices young men and women are making. I will pray for you every day. And I expect you will continue your honest comments. Bless you for what you have accomplished. Rebel.

      • jimcolv says:

        Well thank you caring and sharing. I consider myself to be a bit of a pacifist as well. I don’t really like confrontation but when my back is against the wall I am forced to defend myself. But my wife says that I lash out on the wrong people, which I have to agree with. Anyway, you have definitely found a faithful follower in me. Take care…

      • Blessings to you and all of our young men and women in Afghanistan.

  6. As an African American who has lived under racism in this country all my life, and seeing it rise to the surface for the world to see, has left me bitter and exhausted beyond the ability to continue more debate on this issue. The only thing this nation needs to discuss is the cause and eradication of racism. This disease began at the inception of this nation and is alive and thriving. I believe this is one of the first priorities Obama should have on his agenda. Thank you, Barbara.

  7. tersiaburger says:

    What a sad but thought provoking post. I live in South Africa…. As a Rainbow Nation we have made great strides in racial tolerance and acceptance. Last week I was however reduced to tears when Vic’s angel of mercy, the Hospice Sister, told me how badly she had been treated the previous day at the home of a dying patient…. Sr Ceza is black. Her patient and his family are white. The patient died, a racist, two days later…. I hope he finds a segregated Heaven…somehow I doubt it!
    It is a sad world we live in.

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