Daily Small Miracles

Rainbow after the

We have seen much tragedy due to Hurricane Sandy. But there are so many stories of miracles also. Images of newborn babies during the storm. Neighbors helping each other with hearts full of love and compassion. People reaching out to others with caring and concern. This is a time when we put aside our own concerns and differences of opinion and reach out. Here people are going around taking trees off of roofs for homeowners to prevent further damage. People who have power are going to shelters to assist the people who were evacuated and are in shelters. We see these types of miracles after disasters. Americans can be very good at putting all else aside an rolled up their sleeves and helping each other.

Each day, small miracles occur and often we miss these tiny events in our lives and in the lives of the people around us. The person who comes through surgery well. The one pound baby that finally gets to go home with their families. The friend who calls at the perfect moment when we need a supportive shoulder.The child who holds the door open for you.

These miracles couples themselves to the random acts of kindness that people perform every minute of every day. The stranger who does something kind. The sudden smile that brightens your life and the unexpected compliment. The person that stops and assists you to put packages into your car.

We touch each other every day with kindness and compassion. These simple acts help people heal from whatever is going on in their lives. They are very important to pass on to someone else. As always, it all begins within ourselves. So be a miracle worker today and put a smile on someone’s face or remind them that they are not alone.

The Miracle of the one single perfect flower. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Butterfly whispering. Photo by Cliff Mattio

The Beauty of Nature Heals Our Hearts and Souls. Asheville, NC. Photo by Barbara Mattio





Today, be the wind under someone’s wings. Open your heart and give away love to each other. The Miracle about love is that the more you give away, the more you have. Love is not like a pie. So give your love away today and become part of the miracles that happen around us every day.

A painting done by an Alzheimer’s patient. Photo by Barbara Mattio

11 thoughts on “Daily Small Miracles

  1. Oh how beautiful! I love this side of the story. Life is beautiful from the right perspective. I think you’ve got it!

  2. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    Life is beautiful!
    We can only appreciate life’s beauty from the right perspective.
    Love endures tough times. Love shares in the midst of scarcity.
    Good things still happen in moments that people tag ‘bad’.
    Sometimes we find peace among the poor and love in a storm.
    We must not see things the way the rest of the world sees them.
    Let’s take the unique perspective that springs from peace within and love as motive.
    Life is beautiful, especially from the other perspective.
    I mean, the right perspective!

  3. carolisle says:

    perfect image of promise

  4. Lovely post, Barbara… Isn’t it wonderful when a butterfly feels so safe it can rest on you for a moment…. A lovely image…!

  5. An inspirational post. Those words in the last paragraph brings to my mind the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Better Midler. Thank you for your “Like” in my blog. You have made me your follower. Jo

  6. This is a very very lovely and comforting post. Thank you for your kind words to Hurricane Sandy victims and everyone out there…I hope they find rest from this nightmare soon.

  7. mountainmae says:

    I sure enjoyed this post! I wonder why it takes a tragedy for folks to care about their neighbors/ fellow americans.

  8. I would say, Everything in life is a learning experience. Tragedies are defining moments when you need to care more.

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