Butchart Gardens – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot


The excerpts from a photo shoot I want to share today are from Butchart Gardens just outside of Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. My photography doesn’t even begin to do justice to the beauty of these gardens. What started out on the personal estate of the Butchart family and their cement quarry has evolved into a National Historic Site of Canada. I chose this backdrop for today’s example in cropping photographs.

Cropping: to cut the edges to produce a better picture or fit a given space.

I want to talk today about cropping a photograph to produce a better picture and/or pictures as in the examples. I talked about this awhile ago when I had a client ask me to take a landscape picture I had created and turn it into two portrait prints for their wall (reference my blog: Fountain Urns). A similar theme surfaced this week…

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