The Cloak of Dawn award

Cloak of Dawn award

The lovely Dr. Rex nominated me for the new Cloak of Dawn award, created by Martin, from

Here’s what Martin had to say on the creation of the new award.

“The Cloak of Dawn award

The idea behind this award: We all know bloggers that write about the issues in this world be it animal abuse, child abuse, equality, their family, love, friendship, the love of whatever deity they worship and so on. We also know many blogger that besides blogging has to take care of a loved one because they are sick, have a disability or are otherwise not able to do everything by themselves. For these bloggers I created this award. The award is named in the spirit of a voluntary care giver and mother that does not blog herself and therefore can not receive the award herself .

Why a cloak? Well, in Dutch we call a voluntary caregiver (as described above) a “mantel zorger” which translates literal to “cloak carer” hence the cloak and the Rod of Aesculapius.

This award has some special rules due to its intend. Whereas most awards are shared after you have gotten it yourself, this award will be free to hand out at each and everyone’s own discretion BUT you must make sure that the intend of the award is upheld.

~~DA Rules~~

Display the award on your blog, either on a special awards page or in your side bar

If you have a nominee yourself tell them of their nomination

Make clear in your nomination blog why you have nominated the person. is it for his/her blogging or for his/her voluntary care that they give to their loved one/friend/kid/ grandparents/animals, etc. etc.

There is no limit on how many people you can nominate as long as the spirit of the award remains intact.

This award can’t be declined.”


My nominees

  1. petchary – who has dedicated herself to protecting and caring for the less fortunate in Jamaica
  2. inavukic – who users her blog to help right the wrongs that many of the Croatian people have suffered for generations.
  3. tersiaburger – who selflessly took care of her daughter during her entire illness, and was with her at the end

14 thoughts on “The Cloak of Dawn award

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    These are all amazing people; my hat is off to them!

  2. Dr. Rex says:

    Congrats!!! Very well deserved!!

  3. Sunshine says:

    Congrats to you!

  4. inavukic says:

    A mountain of hugs to you, Barbara! Thank you!

  5. Barbara,, So love that you have been given this wonderful Award. You so so deserve it… Enjoy your day.. Hugs Sue xxx

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