2 thoughts on “Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior ~ Happy MLK Day ~

  1. oldpoet56 says:

    I sometimes wonder what the face of America would be like today if this great man had been allowed to live. Would there be as much hate between the black race, to and from, toward others, toward them? A man who preached peace, would he have been listened to much longer with so much hate bubbling up from under? I would like to have seen our country now if Doctor King, JFK, and Elvis were still alive today. I put Elvis in there just because I was a fan of his, I would like to have heard more of his music. But I would put Doctor King, then JFK, then Elvis in order of importance to our country. And yep, incase you wondered, I am just an old redneck southern white boy from Tennessee.

    • I will give you Elvis. LOL. I am a Beatles fan. I was a Pennsylvania hippy. There is room for both of us :). I agree with you about MLK and JFK. And Bobby. We lost so much when we lost them. America would be a much better if they hadn’t been assassinated. Hugs, Barbara

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