A Composition of Excerpts

Images of the goddess

Images of the goddess

Beyond God the Father (excerpt)

Why indeed must “God” be a noun? Why not a verb—the most active and dynamic of all? Hasn’t the naming of “God” as a noun been an act of murdering that dynamic Verb? And isn’t the Verb infinitely more personal than a mere static pronoun?  The anthropomorphic symbols for God may be intended to convey personality, but they fail to convey that God is Be-ing. Women now who are experiencing the shock of non-being and the surge of self-affirmation against this are included to perceive transcendence as the Verb in which we particapate—live, move, and have our being.   —Mary Daly


The Divine Spiral  (excerpt)

The importance of the Goddess symbol for women cannot be overstressed. The image of the Goddess,  inspires women to see ourselves as divine, our bodies as sacred, the changing phases of our lives as holy, our aggression as healthy, our anger as purifying, and our power to nurture and create, but also to limit and destroy when necessary,  as the very force that sustains all life. Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength,  enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions. We can move beyond narrow, constricting roles and become whole.

The Goddess is also important for men. The oppression of men in Father God-ruled patriarchy is perhaps less obvious but no less tragic than that of women. Men are encouraged to identify with a model no human being can successfully emulate: to be minirulers of narrow universes. They are internally split, into a “spiritual” self that is supposed to conquer their baser animal and emotional natures. They are at war with themselves in the West, to “conquer” sin, in the East, to “conquer” desire or ego. Few escape from these wars undamaged.



Meditations with Julian of Norwich  (excerpt)

God wants to be thought of

as our Lover

I must see myself so bound in love

as if everything that has been done

has been done for me.

That is to say,

the Love of God makes such a unity

in us

that when we see this unity

no one is able to separate oneself

from another

—Julian of Norwich

May the goddesses bring love and peace to all hearts and peace to all souls

May the goddesses bring love and peace to all hearts and peace to all souls


12 thoughts on “A Composition of Excerpts

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That’s an interesting thought, God as a verb.

  2. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you! I love this post! As an animist I believe that god is everything that is so all the action that happens is god. Definitely more a verb than noun:-)

    When I was younger I would answer the question “what is your religion?” with E=mc2 because tgat is the briefest way to say it:-)

    At another turn of the spiral now, I reply “Feed the Soil” tho perhaps I should include both to be completely truthful.

  3. Bumba says:

    I thought God was an old guy with a beard. He isn’t?

  4. Great post Barbara, and yes its time as our feminine energies return we embrace the Goddess within… after all our Prime Creator created both sexes in her likeness did he not.. 😉 ..
    Sending you a thought and hope you are still on the mend.. Love Sue

  5. Thank you for this, the more reminders that god is not, never has been, an old white man in the sky, the better for all of us.

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