Psychopath- Symptoms and their Emotional Breakdowns

There are many Psychopaths in the world.

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Psychopath is a terminology used for a person who is having a chronic mental disorder.
The patient who is insensitive, aggressive, abusive in nature, having sexual tendencies, lack of appetite etc., is called PSYCHOPATHIC.  Now let us see the symptoms of Psychopath.

Symptoms of Psychopath
1.      Superficial Charming:  These people will have extremely charming personality, especially with the opposite sex.  They use smooth words to attract public and we will misunderstand them as well – mannered person.

2.      Narcissist: They love themselves and very arrogant persons, who thinks  that they are very superior human beings than others.

3.      Proneness to Boredom:  They easily get bored with their daily routine  work  which they considered as dull or boring . Psychopaths usually gets tired or fail to complete their task  or duties which  is given to them or handle by them.

4.       Having…

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