Where are the Good People

A hero for us to be proud of every day

A hero for us to be proud of every day

Been listening to the news today. This story caught my attention because it took place in Pennsylvania and I am from there. This little white girl was playing in her front yard. An innocent life about to be wretched from the love of her family. She is having fun and perhaps playing a pretend game.

Then evil entered that front yard and scooped her up and put her in his vehicle. I can only imagine how scared she was. Perhaps crying for her Mommy. Perhaps fighting restraints and tape over her mouth to stifle her screams.

This sick pedophile thought he would have his fun and just go on with his life. But there was a brave angel there. Temar Boggs at 15 years of age, got on his bike and chased the vehicle in which the frightened little girl was terrified. He rode his bike at record speeds, because he chased that car for fifteen minutes and saved this little girl from molestation and/or death.

So while young Trayvon died needlessly, here is a black boy who was brave beyond comprehension and he saved her young life. The point is that not all black people are bad. In any race, culture or religion, there are good people and there are bad people. Goodness is not limited by color. Zimmerman was a gung ho white man who needlessly took Trayvon’s life.

I feel this is a wake-up call to all racists. It is time to come out of the darkness and to see all other people as our brothers and sisters. We are all human beings and we are equal. I realize that some people have a hard time with the truth of this statement. Don’t let their sickening thinking influence you. Be strong and remember we all walk with God and the Universe wants us all to love and be generous to everyone we meet.

6 thoughts on “Where are the Good People

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

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  2. I love this story! That young man was a hero! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Linne says:

    I’d like to point out that there are really NO ‘white’ people . . . we are all various shades and tints of brown (pale brown, dark brown, reddish brown, yellowish brown, and so on). Don’t believe me? put your arm on a piece of paper and see if it stands out . . .

    We need, collectively, to get off the whole thing of ‘colour’ and start seeing each other for what we are; our character, to begin with. To mis-quote an old saying; “colour is as colour does”. I’m very impressed with the action taken by this young man. There are good people everywhere and they outnumber the sociopaths who don’t understand that their actions affect others. TV and other media like to show us the bad, because it’s more ‘exciting’ and it makes money for someone or other; but the ‘boring’ good people are the ones this earth depends on, ecologically, culturally, in lots and lots of other ways.

    Thanks so much for sharing this story. It’s heart-warming. I bet his parents are so proud just now.

    • Linne that you for your comments. To clarify, I agree with you completely about white. However, I was trying to make an important point to the people who just think in color. I think the hues of the human specialty are beautiful. Since most of the world does not see us as brothers and sisters, I was trying to make my point. It is important, I feel to help as many people rethink the way they think as possible. I am sorry if I offended you and I apologize, but people do think in color. Not a good thing, but true. I don’t think good people are boring. It is an assumption that shouldn’t be jumped to. I was wanting to make sure this young boy received all of the praise and admiration he deserved. It wasn’t meant to put anyone down, just to remind people that there is good and bad everywhere. We have to look at people’s behavior and not the insignificant things like religion or color. I do apologize again. I never meant any offense to anyone. I bet his parents are busting with pride. In peace and harmony, Barbara

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