Reflections Prompted by Veterans’ Day

I protested Vietnam. I understand and agree with every thing you said. I am still a dove but I believe they need our help when they come home. Hugs, Barbara


As the Veterans’ Day holiday recedes into the past, I am reminded of how my views on military veterans have changed — and just how dramatically — all within the past six months.

veterans day eagle

This blog is still relatively new and (like most blogs) a work in progress.

One of my very first posts was a short contemplation on the Memorial Day weekend late this past spring.  (  I still stand by what I wrote, but my perspective has absolutely undergone some change.

You see, I now work among veterans, probably to a greater degree than I ever have previously.  And I now see with greater clarity than ever before what happens when the flower of the country’s youth are sent to wage war in a foreign land.

Back in the day, in MY day, when I was personally concerned about such things, “the war” was Vietnam.  Like its predecessor in…

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