10 Provisions In The Nuclear Deal With Iran

Just read this. It is priceless.

List of X

During this week’s multilateral diplomatic talks between United States, Iran, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, and Russia, the countries have reached an agreement partially suspending Iran’s nuclear weapons program in exchange for easing the sanctions against Iran. Here are 10 of the provisions in the deal.

1)  United States has agreed to provide $7 billion in economic sanctions relief to Iran in unmarked, non-sequential bills.

2)  Iran agreed to suspend its uranium enriched program and get rid of the enriched uranium they have accumulated so far.  (North Korea has already volunteered to help Iran meet this requirement.)

3)  United States agreed to enter good faith negotiations with E! TV channel on suspending Keeping Up With The Kardashians program, and stopping the enrichment of that annoying family.

4)  Iran has agreed to allow international monitors to visit all its nuclear facilities, in exchange for NSA’s promise to…

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