Honey Mango Lassi

This sounds delicious. Hugs, Barbara

Yummy food made easy

mango lassi

I hear that more mangoes are eaten fresh all over the world, than any other fruit! I was not surprised when I heard that, I love eating mangoes, its most probably my most favourite fruit to eat!  Mangoes are native to Southeast Asia, where it has been growing for the past 4,000 years.  To grow mangoes hot weather is required to product a good crop. Over the years mango groves have spread to many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world, where the climate allows the mango to grow best.  So Bangladesh produces its own mangoes during the summer season, and in Bengali it’s called ‘aam’.

Most of the mangos sold here in Canada is from Mexico and South America. I made this mango lassi with fresh mangoes, since they were widely available at the grocery store!! These mangoes by themselves taste delicious but when I made this I was…

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