Celebrating Christmas with the Juniors: Trench Town’s Stars, Glitter…and T Shirts

This is important. These children are the future of Haiti. And symbolize the future of the world.

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What does Christmas mean to the children of Trench Town? As much fun as it’s possible to cram into the school holidays. A little more freedom. And a little more fun.

Trench Town Reading Centre’s Christmas party was warming up when we arrived. Mariah Carey was giving those Christmas songs all she’d got on the music system. The bounce-about was in place. Now, this is a very important item on any respectable children’s party list in Jamaica. In case you don’t know, it is an over-sized inflated object, mostly enclosed. You get in, and start bouncing. It’s hard to keep your balance in it, so you fall all over the place. The smallest children usually have a rough time of it, poor things. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in there and those who bounce hardest last longest.

The scent of fried chicken was so delicious that a small group…

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One thought on “Celebrating Christmas with the Juniors: Trench Town’s Stars, Glitter…and T Shirts

  1. Sounds like everyone had a fun. They need funding, like millions of other places. At least it’s warm and they had a good Christmas.

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